‘The Killing’ ‘Donnie or Marie’ Recap: The Campaign Car and Security Tapes

The Killing season 2 continues with episode 12, “Donnie or Marie.” The police are closing in on Sarah and Holder, and she leads him up to Adams’ office. She threatens to go to the newspaper with the photo he planted if he doesn’t make a deal. She knows he made the photo to win the election and wants him to call off her arrest and get everyone off their backs until the murder is solved. In exchange, the photo is forgotten.

Mitch may be home, but it’s not an all-around happy reunion, as Tommy walks away instead of hugging his mother. Sarah and Holder now have two possible suspects in Gwen and Jamie, but could Gwen have chased Rosie through the woods? Sarah points out that putting Rosie in the trunk still alive was a passive way to ill her. Men are usually aggressive. However, Jamie did go to the City Hall Gym and didn’t have his keycard.

Day Twenty Five: Election Day

Photo Credit: Carole Segal/AMCRichmond visits his barber, his “lucky charm.” Gwen reports that the preliminary polls aren’t great, but Richmond’s still glad he told the truth. Holder checks with Jamie’s grandfather, who says he was there all night. Sarah checks on the keycards and finds out that the list for the keycards was deleted from the hard drive—the Monday after Rosie’s murder. Gwen came in after for a new keycard. Sarah and Holder head to the casino for the security tapes, and while there, they see Roberta’s broken hand and Gwen in a photo for the grand opening.

Gwen canceled dinner with Ruth that night claiming something came up with the campaign. Ruth tells them that the company is Sally’s, not Michael’s. Richmond casts his vote. Voters seem to be responding positively to his speech, and he tells the media that he surrounds himself with the best people he knows. Adams walks in, and they pose for photos together. Gwen intercepts Richmond and brings him out back. She tells him it should be his day and she tried hard for him.

It’s not going to be so easy for Mitch to just fit back in. Terry comments that they’re going to be moving soon and mentions the new house, confusing Mitch. Terry says they did their best, but they didn’t have what they needed. Mitch argues that she doesn’t have the right to judge her, but Terry points out she’s been keeping the family together. Someone needed to say that to her.

Camera footage shows that Nicole and Roberta couldn’t have been part of the attack. Sarah and Holder find a form showing that Michael was paving the way for his own company. He was going to leave Sally. The office expedited the process after an email from Jamie. Sarah and Holder confront Jamie about his email, and he says he was trying to get Richmond an ally. Sarah asks if Gwen was part of it, but he tells them to ask her. Holder asks if he has his keycard on him. He does.

In the car, Sarah suggests Gwen and Jamie were both involved, which would explain the different methods. Ames had gotten the call about the waterfront. That could be why Gwen canceled with Ruth. Stan hears about Kovarsky’s murder before Mitch joins him with questions about the house. He suggests they don’t have to sell the house and could instead have a fresh start. She tells him she came back to be there with their family. She doesn’t want to leave Rosie behind. He’s right when he says they can’t move on living there. He lost Rosie too. Mitch may be a grieving mother, but she’s not the only one hurting.

At the Yacht Club, the valet takes down their plates, and Holder looks through their records. Gwen signed in the night of October 5—with the campaign car Rosie’s body was found in. They go to Gwen, who says her keycard went missing from her purse. She says she was asleep while Richmond was gone that night. She claims to have canceled with Ruth to see Richmond. She says she dropped off the car after canceling before taking her car to Richmond. She warns them to be careful about what they say after what’s happened with their false accusations before. She’s not going to answer any more questions unless they bring her in.

Richmond’s still in the running. As he wheels out of his office, he receives a phone call and looks over at Gwen. He asks what the person wants. Holder finally brings up that Rick was Sarah’s therapist and tells her he has her back. She points out that the woman standing next to Nicole in the grand opening photo has a broken arm—just like Roberta’s.

Sarah and Holder question Roberta about Nicole and show her the photo. The woman was the head of security before Roberta. She’s in a correctional facility now. Nicole got full immunity and pinned a murder on the former security head. They warn her that Nicole will screw her over too. They know Roberta has a disc to hold over Nicole just in case.

As Sarah and Holder watch the tapes, Richmond goes to see the person who called and tells him to prove he’s who he says he is. The campaign car headed into the garage, but they can’t see the driver. The tape of the 10th floor elevator shows Rosie on it at 1:02AM, Nicole at 1:04, Ames at 1:05, and Jamie at 1:07. Jamie walks in with questions for the man, but Richmond asks why he lied to him.

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