‘The Killing’ ‘Keylela’ Recap: Serious Warnings and Problems

The Killing season 2 continues with episode 7, “Keylela,” and it begins with Sarah and Jack at Holder’s. She tells him whoever unpacked the drawing knows things about her. He tells her she’s safe there. Roberta lights up outside as she watches his place.

Day Twenty

<br>Joel Kinnaman an...Sarah finds Holder making breakfast. He tells her they can stay as long as they need, but she says it was just for the night. Ray calls Sarah with news. Rosie’s call most likely came from a construction site in the casino.

Gwen joins Richmond and Jamie in the hospital room and says they’re going to get the Larsens to publicly absolve him of any guilt. She’s going to talk to Preston about getting Stan a lighter sentence—or at least make Stan think he’ll get one. Sterling brings Rosie’s things to Stan after the school cleaned out her locker, and he asks if she ever mentioned the shoebox. She didn’t. He remembers how sad she looked the last time he saw her.

Sarah and Jack check into a new hotel room before she heads out to the ferry. Holder found out that the company hasn’t received any profits for the casino work. Sarah tells him to try to blend in and talk to people. She takes out a butterfly book from Holder’s and wonders if Rosie saw something on the land. As she’s dropping him off, he tells her Jack’s worried about her. She doesn’t want to hear it. While Sarah checks out the land, Holder walks around the casino. A maid notices him.

Gwen and Jamie pay Stan a visit and ask if he’d read a statement stating he publicly supports him. He’s not hearing it, but then Gwen brings up the possibility of a reduced sentence. Stan wants to see it in writing first. Sarah ignores a “Keep Out” sign as she walks the land. Holder’s having no luck finding anything in the casino, until a blackjack dealer points him to the bartender with the right words.

The Killing Issues Warnings

Gwen tells Richmond her plan didn’t work, and now their new strategy is to talk about how dedicated he is to improve his health. Nicole finds Sarah on her land and tells her the area is a sacred burial ground. Sarah tells her she knows Rosie was in her casino. Nicole tells her about hearing the story of Keylela, who was always exploring until the water swallowed her for her disobedience. The story was a lie, and Keylela was really a 9-year-old who wandered off their hand. She was found beaten and tied to a tree—a warning. Nicole has her own warning for Sarah: Anything can happen on this land.

Richmond pays Stan a visit and tells him he had nothing to do with Rosie’s murder. He says they never have to do anything for him. Stan tells Richmond no one cares about his daughter anymore, and Richmond says to make them care.

A woman joins Holder at the bar, and he finds out there are rooms still under construction. He offers her $100 to go to the construction site, but she walks away. Holder’s very dedicated to this and ends up finding out the location of the construction site from a guy, refusing to hand over the money until he tells him.

Holder walks the last flight of stairs to the 10th floor, but the door’s locked. Sarah’s escorted back to her car, and Nicole tells her to have a safe trip back. The maid who noticed him earlier joins Holder on the elevator and gives him a matchbook for his cigarettes. When she gets off the elevator, she says she hopes Rosie’s family got her backpack back. The door closes before he can follow. “11AM tomorrow” is written in the matchbook cover. Sarah calls Holder about getting out of the casino, but it’s too late. The casino police have him.

Stan finds out Sarah and Holder talked to Terry and wants to know what they asked. She says it was nothing but finally admits they asked about Michael. He asks what he has to do with Rosie, and she admits he’s Jasper’s father and how they met. He kicks her out.

Sarah comes back to the motel to find Child Protective Services talking to Jack. They got a call about neglect. Sarah tries to keep them out, but they tell her she doesn’t want to do that. Meanwhile, Holder’s handcuffed by the tribal police. The Chief wants to see him.

Sarah has to go downtown for an official interview, and the judge will make a ruling. Jack goes to the bathroom, and Sarah steps outside to take a call. She runs outside and joins Jack at the car. They drive away. When she realizes he’s crying, she tries to comfort him, but he tells her to leave her alone.

Richmond gives his press conference and says his health won’t be an issue going forward. As Stan joins him, Richmond says his main concern is the unsolved murder of Rosie. He gives Stan the floor, and Stan tells the media that Rosie isn’t entertainment and none of them care about what’s being done for her. He walks out as the media asks him questions.

Sarah leaves Holder a message to call her as he’s brought to Nicole in the woods. Nicole makes Sarah listen as her men beat Holder up.

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