‘The Killing’ Season 2 Episode 10 ’72 Hours’ Preview: Sarah in Trouble?

The Killing season 2 continues next week with episode 10, “72 Hours.” The investigation continues, and after the previous episode, Sarah’s in trouble. Just how bad is it going to get for her on this case?

Season 2 Episode 10 “72 Hours” Promo

“Sarah teeters on the edge. Stan attempts to make amends. Richmond receives an unexpected boost in the mayoral race.”

The Killing Season 2 Episode PhotosThe last episode, “Sayonara, Hiawatha,” in addition to showing why Holder’s such an awesome character, also ended with Sarah on the 10th floor and finding a bloodied key card. However, someone else was up there as well, and the episode did not end well for her. Things aren’t going to get better in the next episode for anyone involved, including Sarah and the Larsens.

The Killing season 2 episode 10 promo for “72 Hours” (below) begins with a look at that bloodied keycard. Holder goes to Carlson and says they need to get her out of there because they’re trying to frame her. Uh-oh. He points out that she found evidence that proves the tribe is covering. How long will Sarah be in that cell? Terry tells Stan he’s angry because he can’t let go. To do that, he needs to forgive himself. Things would also be easier for him if Mitch would come home so he didn’t have to take care of their other children alone. Holder warns Carlson that he’s on the wrong side and they’re just using him. Will he help them solve the case, or will he continue to just get in the way?

Carlson has been a thorn in their side since he first showed up, and he hasn’t made it easy at all. He did end up changing his mind about a search party for Holder on the reservation, and it looks like this episode could show him ending up on Sarah and Holder’s side, if that conversation at the end goes well. That’s good, because it looks like they can use all the help they can get with the situation Sarah’s going to be in.

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