‘The Killing’ Season 2 Finale ‘What I Know’ Preview: Closing in on Rosie’s Killer

The Killing season 2 comes to an end next week with episode 13, “What I Know.” It looks like Sarah and Holder are closing in on their killer, but is everything as it seems?

Season 2 Episode 13 “What I Know” Promo

Sarah and Holder close the case. Richmond sets out on a bold new path. The Larsen family gains closure from an unsuspected source.”

The Killing Season 2 Episode PhotosSarah and Holder now have video proof that Nicole and Ames were on the 10th floor the same night—and the same time—Rosie was killed, and that video also showed them that Jamie was there as well. But what happened that night? It’s finally time to find out the answer to that, as after all this time, they will be revealing who killed Rosie Larsen.

In The Killing season 2 finale promo for episode 13, “What I Know” (below), Sarah and Holder are on the hunt for Jamie, but where is he? What does he have to say for himself? Richmond wants answers. He wants to know why Jamie lied and where he was the night Rosie was killed. Did Jamie kill her, or is this just supposed to make you think he did? Will there be one more twist before Rosie’s killer is revealed? Even if Jamie wasn’t the one to actually kill her, he obviously knew something all this time and is involved in some way.

What do you think of The Killing season 2 episode 13 preview of the finale, “What I Know”?

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