The land we are buying

Last night we went for a walk and I took pictures of the land we are buying.  This is the area we are moving the mobile home.  We found out some good news, the land use to have a mobile home on it years back.  This is good because we won’t have to run the electricity out there, there should be septic, and water out there all ready.  Saving us a lot of money, all we should have to do is some replacing.

This first picture I took to show how far back we will be.  This mobile home sits at the end of the road leading back to our property we are buying.






James walking back.  This about half way down the road when I took it.






The road leads to a ditch that if you go down it you will run into the train tracks.






To the right of the road is where the mobile home use to set and where we will put ours.  If you look real close to this picture to the left of the center of the picture you will see a electric pole.  This is what we will use and just put a new meter on it.  Electricity is already ran there.






Here is another view of the land.  Right behind these trees are where the mobile home will be.






A picture I took of James out there.






Some flowers I spotted out there.






Can’t wait for my back pay so I can put the money down for the deposit and we can start our process!

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