“The Last Airbender” NEW TV Spot feat. Jackson Rathbone: MOMO

Jackson Rathbone best known for his role as Jasper in the Twilight Saga movies is one of the featured actors in this clip for the upcoming movie: The Last Airbender.

This adorable tv commercial spot titled Momo is ultra cute. We see more of Rathbone’s acting and a little bit of Sokka’s personality.

Although I have to say I’m not entirely impressed by the actors (I just don’t think it does the animated series justice), I do think that they put forth a good effort. Then again all I have to go on are a few minutes of a movie trailer so what the heck do I know?

This Last Airbender tv spot is the first time we are shown the computer animated version of Momo, Aang’s pet lemur; we also get a better look at Appa also (Aang’s flying bison), and we get see Katara trying her inexperienced hand at water bending (what do you expect from the only water bender in the South Pole? She has no one to learn from!!!)

Overall, I enjoyed the trailer but a part of me just wished for a more wise cracking Jackson Rathbone… maybe that’s how he is in the full movie… then again maybe not… we’ll have to wait and see.




photo credit: http://www.eclipsemovie.org/jackson-rathbone-to-attend-mall-of-america-autograph-signing-for-the-last-airbender/


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