‘The League’ Recap: Of Training Camp, Jenny’s Baby, and Taco’s Cowboys

The eight-person fantasy league on FX’s The League has big dreams—and even crazier storylines in the season four premiere, “Training Camp,” which aired on October 11, 2012.

With another year comes another draft, and this year really is unlike any other, and not just because Jenny (Katie Aselton) is about to give birth. It all begins when Ruxin (Nick Kroll) is dreaming of his draft, complete with meeting the football players he picks. And then Sofia (Nadine Velazquez) wakes him up, because they’re actually in the middle of having sex. “I drafted too early,” Ruxin says after his vinegar strokes, which basically sets up the rest of the raunchy show.

Nick Kroll 2011 ShankboneBut still, things are changing. Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) is no longer commissioner, but the devious Ruxin is—and he’s not allowing any Sacco punishments. (After all, he claims, having a stroke was bad enough). Plus, “The concept of total control is erotic to me,” he says.

Then there’s Taco (Jonathan Lajoie), who has decided to start an online cowboy business where people can hire cowboys to deliver messages, like telling Kevin that Taco isn’t planning on paying him back. “I didn’t need Howdy Doody to tell me that,” Kevin says.

Back in the MacArthur household on The League “Training Camp,” Jenny wants some sexy time despite being nearly nine months pregnant. Kevin won’t have any of it, claiming her lady parts are now “outbound traffic only” and that the pregnancy porn only grossed him out more.

Where’s Pete (Mark Duplass) in all this? He’s decided to give himself a new job as the Custodian of the Hall of Records, so he can fill out their fantasy league’s history page. Of course he chooses things like naked pictures of Kevin as well as photos of the women Andre (Paul Scheer) has slept with, a total of four.

But then things get really interesting. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, calls Taco. “Why?” everyone wonders. Turns out the team allowed their Website, dallascowboys.com, to lapse, and Taco snatched it up for his own business. Jerry wants to make him a deal, but first he offers to fly the friends down to the training camp in Dallas.

So the guys go, even Kevin, because Jenny insists Ruxin will destroy their teams if one of them isn’t there, even though she’s ready to pop. But that isn’t the only thing Ruxin wants to destroy; he reminds Kevin that he has naming rights to his new son when he’s born.

Dallas isn’t a complete disaster, surprisingly. Taco becomes rich with $250,000, and then the guys play a game of football to determine draft order. And by a “game,” some of the Dallas Cowboys players tell them to run through practice. Whoever gets to the end zone first gets first pick. They get hit by footballs and tackled by pros—but then Taco strips and no one is getting near that. He gets first pick—or does he?

The fantasy league gets sent home just in time to see Jenny having some fun with herself in the car—as she screams Shiva’s name, and just as her water breaks.

So what will they do about the draft? Ruxin brings it to the labor room of course! As Taco says, it’s a hospital party, and “It’s America, there’s always a bar.”

Andre, of course, is way excited about the impending arrival of the newest MacArthur and peers down below. “Get back behind the line of scrimmage!” Jenny yells. “Off sides, Andre!”

Like most premieres of this FX comedy, it turns into one hot, hilarious mess that ends with Ruxin pulling yet another fast one. He’s traded naming rights to the baby for Taco’s first pick. In comes a cowboy to make the announcement just as Jenny gives birth. Welcome to the world, Chalupa Batman MacArthur!

What did you think of the insanity of The League season four premiere “Training Camp”?

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