‘The League’ Recap: Ruxin Wants an ‘Anchor Baby’

Relationships on The League are hitting a rocky road on “Anchor Baby,” but Taco (Jonathan Lajoie), as therapist, has some suggestions for the group.

It all starts when Ruxin (Nick Kroll) is worried that Sofia (Nadine Velazquez) is starting to lose interest in him, all because she’s been re-landscaping down under. Plus, she belongs on a beer poster, and he belongs on a bridge.

The rest of the gang don’t get Ruxin’s concerns—although they agree he’s a troll—but Ruxin thinks he needs something big to keep her around. And that something big is asking Sofia for another baby, an “anchor baby,” if you will, since one more child means it’s less likely she’ll leave. But before he can broach the topic of a baby, he needs to make sure she’ll say yes.

Nick Kroll 2011 ShankboneWhile he’s going through all this, he’s also making a trade. Kevin (Stephen Raznnazzisi) wants to trade with Ruxin, but Jenny (Katie Aselton) overhears on the baby monitor and steals the trade. That’s because she wants to beat Kevin in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Pete (Mark Duplass) is dealing with a guy named Lane, who was ditched on him by other friends. And now, at the bar, Pete is determined to ditch Lane too. But that’s not so easy, because Andre doesn’t pique Lane’s interest. Pete most definitely fumbled the friend off.

But Pete isn’t about to make that mistake again on The League. While he’s out with Lane at an orchid market—he’s trying to bore Lane, and failing—he runs into Ruxin who is with Sofia. The two friends plot a double friend off and treat it like a football play. In other words, they stage running into each other. And while Lane and Sofia are talking about picking out orchids, Pete and Ruxin sneak off to watch football with some of the employees. Of course, Lane ends up flirting with Sofia a bit, saying, “You’re like an orchid, and he’s like a Jewish weed.”

But will Ruxin and Sofia be having an anchor baby? Ruxin never got a chance to even ask.

Through all this, Taco has yet another job. He’s moved into an office/apartment where a psychologist recently died. It’s the perfect spot, because he’s down the street from the dog groomer who cuts his hair. And then the psychologist’s old clients start stopping by, and Taco talks to them all. To an overweight lady, he says he’ll have sex with her for every pound she loses. For the druggie, he offers to take all his drugs off of him. The only one in truly bad taste was telling a bullied kid to bring a gun with him to school.

That aside, he also starts treating Andre (Paul Scheer), as Andre is laying in Chalupa Batman’s crib (Taco wanted to test if it would hold the weight of a man; it does). Andre starts talking about wanting more respect, and the guys in Kevin’s house start overhearing it all on the baby monitor.

They also hear Andre’s problem with “masturbation impotence.” While Ruxin declares, “Hello message board,” the rest of the gang says this has to be “unmentionable” despite the river of puns that could easily happen without them even intending to.

And then Taco’s session with Andre is over, and Andre is clearly very depressed.

Taco wants to do something for him, so he gathers all the friends into his office. But Taco’s methods aren’t really working. “I don’t need a hammer, or a helmet, or a sock puppet to tell you how I feel,” Andre declares. He knows he’s not a hard guy, but soft. He’s frustrated he can’t come to them. And the guys, and Jenny, can’t stop laughing at all the puns, especially when Taco says, “Andre’s in a stiff situation.” Ruxin replies, “That’s not what I heard.”

Then the dead therapist’s daughter walks into the room and calls them all squatters, because of course Taco never really rented the apartment.

The League “Anchor Baby” was just the first installment in a one-hour marathon, and it was followed up by “Bro-Lo El Cordero.” The FX comedy airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST.

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