‘The League’ Recap: Wrestling Match on ‘Bro-Lo El Cordero’

In the second installment of The League on Dec. 6, “Bro-Lo El Cordero,” it’s all about getting a bit older. Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) needs a colonoscopy for his life insurance, and Pete (Mark Duplass) is discovering that even his “gumpa”—grandpa—knows how to have some fun, despite his early onset Alzheimer’s. Talk of anchor babies belonged to the first half hour episode.

At his colonoscopy, Kevin is disturbed to not only learn that his doctor’s name is Pete, but the nurse is Jenny (and he thinks Ruxin might have put the doctor up to it). “Pete and Kevin are in this together,” the doctor says as he discusses the colonoscopy, and “Just let Pete take care of everything.” Which is exactly what Kevin doesn’t want, but he doesn’t have much of a choice.

He also doesn’t have much of a choice when his colonoscopy co-pilot Andre (Paul Scheer) comes to pick him up and makes a trade with him in the recovery room. But, hours later, Kevin is saying that trade was no where near consensual, and the two “friends” have two very different versions of how that trade played out.
Stephen Rannazzisi
They need a ruling from the commissioner, Ruxin (Nick Kroll), but there’s one problem. Ruxin was there too to experience all of Kevin’s farts and to see him in a loopy mess. The room smelled, as they said, like tuna had diarrhea. Ruxin couldn’t tell if Kevin was drugged up or he was just up to his general ape-like cavorting.

So who had an unbiased opinion? Randomly, Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas), who is squatting in a place that combines both his toilet and kitchen. Rafi’s decision, he says, will be made in 24 hours. In the meantime, he needs his insulin shot.

Meanwhile, Pete decides to visit his elderly grandfather who has early onset Alzheimer’s. Or does he? Pete witnesses his gumpa grab another lady’s behind, and that lady is most definitely not his gumma, or grandma. Gumpa has a selective memory, and he’s chosen to forget he’s married.

Of course this backfires when Gumma notices Gumpa cavorting with another woman. Gumpa’s days at the retirement home, or Spring Break 1936, are over.

And Rafi has figured out how to make a decision. Rafi says, “I drugged and kidnapped you A-team style, and now settle it like men.” Andre and Kevin are in crazy wrestling getups and whoever comes out alive wins. Not surprisingly, Kevin manages to kick Andre around. He says he was a farty, loopy mess, and Andre trade raped him. “Trade denied!” Kevin declares when he wins.

But the fighting isn’t over there. Rafi now calls a kidnapped Ruxin into the ring too, claiming Jeffrey can only have one father. But, fortunately for Ruxin, Rafi gets low on blood sugar and falls down. He needs some sugar. And just like that Jenny drops her edible undies—which were intended for Kevin, of course—because there’s no way she’s sitting on Rafi’s face like he asks.

“Bro-Lo El Cordero” stepped over the line even more than “Anchor Baby” did, but did you think it was funnier?

The League normally airs on FX Thursday nights at 10:30 p.m. EST.

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