The Leonid Meteor Shower Tonight

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The Leonid meteor shower will give us a beautiful view in the sky tonight (Nov 17). So make sure you aren’t anywhere near a lot of light pollution. The Leonid meteor shower is an annual event. Mother Nature is expected to put on an absolutely amazing show this year, though a little less intense than most years, and you will not want to miss it.

Discovery magazine believes that we should see about 20 to 30 flashes across the sky each hour. Around 3am should be a good enough time to really see it. If you are really dedicated, the best time should be around 5:15am, when the moon sets and before the sun rises. The Huffington Post explains that, the gibbous moon will be very bright this year. In return, the meteors may be a little harder to see.

Tonight should be amazing even though the moon will dampen our sight a bit. To see all the meteors pass into our atmosphere is a beautiful thing to watch. To make it even better, take a blanket outside, lay in the grass and just watch the sky. There is nothing more mysterious than space, and staring at the night sky seems to have a calming effect.

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