The Liar Mitt Romney Tries to Explain His Stance on Obamacare

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Mitt Romney is doing everything he can to tout the stupid republican ideal of repealing the health care reform while trying not to look like a hypocrite when questioned about the health care laws of his own home state—the ones he put into effect. As can be expected he isn’t doing a very good job. The more Romney discusses his stance on the reform laws the more he makes himself out to be a liar and someone who will change his stance the minute he might just get a big wad of cash out of the flip-flop.

File:Mitt Romney 2007 profile portrait.jpgWhile griping about the individual mandate that taxes individuals who can afford yet refuse to acquire health care on the national level, he supports it in Massachusetts. Why is it good for his state but bad for the nation? Even Rick Santorum could see through Mitt Romney when it came to health care reform. How are you for the reform when you are in charge of a state and against it when you are in charge of a nation? Conservative leaders are hoping the general public is too stupid to put two and two together to equal four. The only way they succeed in repealing the health care reform is a total sweep of the presidency, house and senate. If conservatives continue to refuse to read and understand that the person they have nominated to run this country is a two-face liar then the country is in for a world of hurt.

The Romney campaign is continuing to try to deceive the nation in regards to Obamacare. The Wall Street Journal published a scathing editorial that called out the campaign for trying to deceive the nation just long enough that people will not realize that all Romney is doing is flip-flopping on major pieces of legislature. This past Thursday the Romney campaign went so far as to call out the Obama camp insisting that they are the ones who are flip-flopping on their stance of the health care reform. Umm what? Obama has always stood behind the reform and the fact that the supreme court ruled the penalty for not getting health care a tax is not his fault. When will Romney and his conservative sheeple learn?

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