The "Liberal Media", Scooter Libby, and Friends

  So Scooter has been pardoned now. Oh, excuse me, had his sentence commuted. Hmmm….. The pardon won’t come until Bush’s last day in office, presumably. Either way, some are jubilant about it, and some, as one blogger noted, could solve the energy crises, if they could just bottle his rage. It says a lot about how far down the proverbial tube we have slid. Press reaction has been mixed, but outrage doesn’t seem to me to be too close to the general feel, actually. So we have this thing some call the liberal media, and it is liberal, but liberal how? Why in the slack it cuts this administration, naturally. For an insightful look at how that all works, take a look at this fascinating article from Salon, pre commute, but still a potent insight.

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