‘The Lion King 3D’ in Theaters Friday, September 16

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Whether you’re a parent that wishes their children were able to experience The Lion King in theaters the way you did as a child, or a kid looking to attend the newest 3D film, you’re in luck! One of Disney’s most famed films hits the silver screen again Friday, September 16, seventeen years after its original debut, and this time in a modern, popularized format like you’ve never seen it before: The Lion King 3D!

That’s right! The incredibly beloved tale of Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa will be awaiting your weekend viewing pleasure. Young children who’ve yet to be introduced to the tale, as well as parents who just can’t find it in themselves to sit through yet another ridiculous The Land Before Time sequel, seem to be the general target audience for the film, though with re-releases, it’s hard to know what to expect. Would you want to see The Lion King 3D despite rising ticket prices and competition with other, actually new films in the theater?

Simba - Lion King Festival

For many, the answer will be yes, particularly for those who are in need of a hearty family film. Coupled with the fact that the re-release of The Lion King (3D this time, though) appeals to the sentimental, nostalgic part of a certain generation, and it’ll likely do pretty well.

Will you be taking your children? For those childless fans of The Lion King, will you be seeing The Lion King 3D on your own?

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