‘The Little Couple’ Lose Baby to Miscarriage

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On the season finale of “The Little Couple,” fans saw Jennifer and Bill excited to find out they were having a baby, but later their dreams were shattered.

The baby was being carried by a surrogate and at the time of that the season finale was recorded things were going well. Since this episode aired, the surrogate lost the baby to a miscarriage. The two were heartbroken when they found out the news.

Bill said that he had to let Jennifer know at work. She works with couples every single day that have lost babies, but losing her own was a different battle and she said she cried a lot.

“The Little Couple” plans to still have a family one day. They said that they might adopt or they will try for a new child from a surrogate. It was just not meant to be this time for some reason. It is difficult for them to have a baby on their own so they must use these other ways to get a child. Fans are hoping they can make it work out for themselves. They have a lot of love to give.

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