‘The Little Couple’ Update: How Is Dr. Jen Arnold’s Cancer Battle Going?

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Dr. Jen Arnold of The Little Couple has been battling cancer for the past few months. Fans have been keeping up with her updates on Twitter, but the doctor and reality TV star hasn’t gone in to detailed specifics about how things are going. Though it’s not much new information, a source close to Arnold has recently shared a bit of an update. 

Mike Dewey, Arnold’s sister-in-law’s father, tells the National Enquirer that “after the initial concern, everything is going fine.” He notes that everybody has been worried, naturally, but that there is a positive attitude in place for everybody. That much has been quite evident in the social media posts from Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband, Bill Klein. Dewey adds that “we’re elated that things are going in the right direction.”

Arnold has still be dealing with chemotherapy, though she did embrace the opportunity to head to San Francisco recently for a work-related function. It may take some time before fans know much of anything more solid about Arnold’s cancer battle, but news should be on the way. TLC is filming the family for new episodes of The Little Couple, and it is believed those will premiere in March. 

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