The Lotus

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I think of the Lotus often, since it was the first shamanic practice gifted to me by Spirit: a group healing journey called "Lotus Intention."

One becomes one with the Lotus in a meditative or journey state, remembering that:

  • The Lotus is Rooted in Muck (Shadow….Our dark side….what some religions call our "sinful nature"). This is its Source of Nourishment.
  • The Stem of the Lotus is the Path we traverse between Earth and Sky, Shadow and Light, Suffering and Ascension………And the Stem is how the Flower is nourished, empowered….the Stem Awareness transforms our rich and often painful Ignorance [character defects at personal and group levels] into Bliss.
  • The Leaf / Lily Pad of the Lotus is a resting place for all beings traversing the vibrations of Earth-Water-Sky-Sun/Moon & StarFire.  The Leaf is a place that's betwixt and between, and therefore is a state of awareness suitable for divination.
  • The Lotus Flower is the Awakened HeartMind, which is all forgiveness, all compassion, all healing, all creativity, all connection, all love………

Please remember this one thing when relating to those whose various spiritual gifts have not yet opened, or those who are beginners in the excitement of awakening:

The "extras" or gifts like telepathy, clairvoyance, healing power, etc., are not the main point. The main point is Simplicity of Heart. Courageous Compassion. The Love of GodSelf which becomes the Radiant Heart, which brings all into Oneness.

Self-forgiveness is key here.

That comes when Serenity is treasured.

The greatest gift one can give is the service of supporting the inner peace of the Other.

This is the path of Loving the "Enemy" [Stranger, Partner, Other].

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