The Loves Of My Life

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I love my little family and the family members that aren’t related! My husband and daughter, Emma, mean the world to me! And two months ago another bundle of joy made my love grow even more! I love our Goddaughter, Lucy, like she was my own! Emma already loves Lucy; I can tell that she can’t wait till Lucy is old enough to play with her :)

Before today I have never seen my one year old get jealous before. My Goddaughter Lucy was being fussy so I took her to give her mommy a break. My husband was holding Emma and Emma was just looking at me then Lucy then back at me. She puckered her little lip, got a worried look in her face and started whimpering! It went on for a bit, and when Emma started adding reaching towards me to the mix I had to give Lucy back to Ashley & grab Emma to calm her down. Needless to say, I don’t think Emma is ready for a baby # 2 anytime soon lol!

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I'm a stay at home mom to a beautiful one year old girl, Emma. I also have the sweetest husband ever, Shawn. I love to be with my family, read books, play video games, take pictures, be online, etc..XBOX LIVE: TheHuntersWife

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