The Lunch Menu

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The Lunch Menu

How many times have you bought something healthy from the grocery store with the full intent to have it that night as part of your commitment to a healthier lifestyle only to wind up gorging on microwave burritos or some leftovers from lunch? It happens to the best of us and for me happens a little too much; once I hit 39 I was determined to clean up my act inch by inch. According to the MAYO Clinic one large egg contains about 186 milligrams of cholesterol as opposed to the average fast food cheeseburger which contains only around 40 mg.

If you’re perfectly healthy experts suggest no more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day (1 and ½ eggs), that said… how many of us are perfectly healthy? Once I turned 39 I swore off eggs and was pleasantly surprised that most major breakfast chains like IHOP or Denny’s offer all of their egg dishes using just the “egg whites” for no additional charge. I still eat whole eggs, but only once in a great while, you would be surprised how good an egg white omelet with all the goodies tastes.

So back to the main point, I want to eat healthier but usually wind up buying good food that just sits in the refrigerator taunting me… well yeah you could eat a Caesar salad but that Hoagie is just calling your name; finally the salad goes bad and you both lose. It came to me; what if we created a menu like they used to do in High School or Jr. High where every day you had something different, 3 basic options like (Italian Salad w/ Parmesan, Grilled Chicken, Cheese Ravioli w/ sauce) from which you could pick one or two. Otherwise I would just pick the item that cooks most quickly (burritos or corndogs).

I could combine all the items from the High School menu and still wind up with less cholesterol and fat then the corn-dogs, my idea is to use up all the healthful food in your fridge and freezer first because that other stuff has so many preservatives that it won’t go bad. I created a “post-it note” reminder for myself just today, try it for yourself and let me know how it went.

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