‘The Lying Game’ Season 2 Spoilers: The Secret Comes Out

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The Lying Game is coming back for season 2. On Tuesday, new spoilers came out about the upcoming season and it is going to be a good one. Are you a fan of the show on ABC Family?

Allie Gonino plays Laurel on the show. She is finally getting right in the middle of all the drama of this season. She says that there will not be a huge time jump when season 2 starts, but it will be a few weeks since fans saw it last.

The show will start back with Alec going through his trial and Rebecca is trying to get back with Ted even though she knows he is married.

Laurel will finally find out the truth about Emma and Sutton. She will know that she has two sisters now and that they have changed back and forth. Laurel being let in on the secret should change the entire dynamic of the show.

Laurel’s ex-boyfriend Justin will also be gone on this season. It sounds like he has just disappeared into thin air and won’t be seen on the show at all. Do you think it is good that he is gone?

The Lying Game will return in early 2013.

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