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Did you know that for Thousands of years people have been

plopping plants into pots to transport a native plant to a New

Land or to bring an exotic plant Home.

In 1495 B.C. , Egyptian Queen ‘Hatshepsut’ sent workers

to Somalia to bring back incense trees in pots.

And in 1787 Captian Bligh reportedly had more than 1,000

breadfruit plants in clay pots aboard the H.M.S. Bounty.

The plants were destined for the West Indies,

where they were to be grown as food for the slaves.



CONTAINER FOR BAKING BREAD: Want to give your Family

a Treat? Take a New, clean medium size clay flowerpot,

soak it in water for about 20 minutes, and then lightly

grease the inside with butter. Place your Bread Dough,

prepared as usual, in the pot and Bake.

The Clap-Pot will give your Bread a crusty outside and

keep the inside moist!


UNFURL YARN KNOT FREE: That sweater your knitting will

take forever if you are having to constantly stop and pull

out tangles in the yarn. To Prevent this, Place your Ball of

Yarn under an up-tirned Flowerpot and thread the end

through the drain hole. And just sit it next to where you

are sitting for easier and more pleasureable purling.



in shadowy corners of their Home Aquariums,

keeping themselves Safe from imagined predators.

Place a mini-flowerpot on its side on the Aquarium floor

to create a Cave for spelunking Fish.


HELP CONTAINER PLANT ROOTS: The plants that you want

to put in that Beautiful new deep container you got for your

Patio have a shallow root system, and you don’t want to go

tp the bother and expense of filling that huge container

completely with potting soil.

What Do You Do?  Here’s What!

When planting shallow-rooted plants in a deep container,

one easy solution is to find another smaller flowerpot that

will fit upside-down in the base of the deepest pot and

occupy a lot of that space. After you insert it, fill around it

with soil before putting in your plants.


KEEP SOIL IN YOUR FLOWERPOTS:  Soil from your house-

plants won’t slip or slide away if you place broken clay

flowerpot shards in he bottom of the pot before re-planting.

When watering your plants, you’ll find that the water

drains out, but not the soil.

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