The Marathon and What is Pho?

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Today’s Run:

I didn’t pull any Pheidippides feats today, explained below.  I worked total upper body for an hour before heading out with Shane for a SLUG-A-LUG run of 3 1/2 miles.  It was pretty chilly and foggy.  For what ever reason, it was a little stinky outside.  Ted said Shane was probably gassy but I disagreed. My dog doesn’t stink and he HAS manners.

The Marathon  

When you’re running along and an hour or so has passed, you start thinking about some very odd things.  One of my thoughts the other day was “how did the MARATHON come to be called the MARATHON?”  Soooo….. I looked it up and this is what I found:

The Story of Pheidippides and The Pheidippides Syndrome? 


In a story of the ancient Greek battles, Pheidippides was an Athenian who ran 26 miles (42 Km) from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC) shouting “We were victorious!”.  But then poor Pheidippides’ heart burst and he died on the spot.  Source: Ancient Greek Battles.   Yet another Greek Tragedy.

According to THIS article, the Pheidippides Syndrome is “to continue running long after the body begs you to stop”   The article goes on to explain that …”If we don’t collapse at the finish, we think we haven’t given it our all.  We may wonder what we could have accomplished if we went all out but, when it comes down to it, we can only appreciate what we actually achieve.”

After every race, because I recover so quickly, it never fails to cross my mind that I could have run harder and given more.  What a bummer.  I always boast about how healthy I am and now the truth comes out:  I have a sever case of Pheidippides Syndrome. 

Do you ever wonder if you could have given a little more or are you content with what you achieved?

The next adventure….

Ted signed us up for a swimming class at MVCC on Thursdays.  Where are we going with THAT?!!!DSC_5700


“Pho” is pronounced “fuh” and is Vietnamese for “noodle”. 


I was sent these brown rice noodles to try from StarAniseFoods.  Ted and I enjoyed them for lunch.  They are spicy.  The flavor was “Zesty Ginger” and what ZEST! 


The ingredients are nothing short of wholesome, nutritious and organic.


In the package is a spice packet and healthy portion of noodles, to serve 2.  There was actually enough  for 3 or 4 especially if you add protein and vegetables.  They’re easy to cook up, just boil broth or water, add tofu or other protein, let cook about 5 minutes, adding salt to taste then add the noodles and warm through for 2 minutes. EASY!

*Don’t over cook rice noodles. They are very unforgiving!


We enjoyed the noodles with simply the spice packet.  It adds a lot of flavor. 


I love trying new products. 

The owners of Star Anise have offered a discount promo to October 5th.  If you like rice noodles or want to try something Gluten Free, you can get a $2.00 off coupon by using the CODE ESEFJ7WN for orders on Amazon.  It’s free shipping as well so just as good as picking them up from the store without the drive. Don’t you just LOVE shopping on line?!

What new products have you tried lately?

Don’t forget to VOTE.


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