The Masculinization of Sarah Palin: She Hunts, She Fishes and She Rides a Harley

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I’ve noticed something interesting in the mass emails that I’ve been getting from my redneck Republican brother. He sends these emails to me to try to convert me, God love him. This from a man who can’t even spell Republican.

Anyway, these emails never have anything about the issues in them. What they have in common is pictures of Sarah in various activities such as fishing, hunting, dog sledding, or standing by a rather large Harley Davidson motorcycle. What is the point? I’ve wondered. It seems so irrelevant to what a vice president does.

The point is that the Republicans are working to masculinize her. There are still a lot of men out there that are not quite ready for a woman as vice president, one heartbeat away from being commander-in-chief. But hey, if you can show that she isn’t just a fragile little petite brunette that does needlepoint, then those rednecks like my brother might think that she is tough and not a sissy. After all, she even shoots wolves from planes for sport. Now that makes her a vice president candidate that we can all get behind. And showing her chugging a beer with the guys will make her even more appealing, right?

As for the women, I think that there are some who also figure that if she can shoot a moose between the eyes then she has the guts to go eye-to-eye with Putin. Unfortunately, there are still others who just want to see a woman in the White House, Republican or Democrat–as long as she wears panties, then she deserves the vote.

I don’t care how many moose and squirrels that Sarah shoots, or how big of a Harley she straddles, or how many wolves that she murders from a plane–it does not qualify her to be vice president of this country. And it is an insult to those of us who know better when we get these pitiful emails with Sarah looking like the tough little tomboy.

(For more information on Sarah Palin’s policies and participation in aerial hunting, please visit this web site:

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