The McCaughey Septuplets Are 13… Ann Curry Follows Their Busy Lives

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The infamous McCaughey septuplets are now 13 years old. They are the first surviving set of septuplets in the world. NBC anchor Ann Curry has followed the septuplets, along with their trials and victories, ever since their birth.

According to Yahoo! News, Ann Curry first met the McCaughey’s just weeks after the birth of the septuplets in 1997. Born to parents Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey, the septuplets actually caused some public outrage because it was well known they were conceived via fertility drugs.

Curry recalls how many people welcomed the McCaughey septuplets to the world; by donating generous gifts that were indeed a blessing to Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey. They received diapers and even a brand new house. The state of Iowa offered the family free college tuition for the septuplets after their high school graduations.

Something that has been especially impressive about the McCaughey family is that they have kept the septuplets out of the limelight for the majority of their lives. Aside from yearly visits from Ann Curry, whom they all call “Auntie Ann”, they have led relatively normal lives that include school, church activities and an abundance of chores.

Ann Curry visits the McCaughey home each year for several days. Her interviews are prominently featured once a year in “Ladies Home Journal” and on the “Today” show. This year, a TLC special incorporated all of the interviews Curry has done with the septuplets and their family ever since the children were born.

The McCaughey septuplets include Kenneth, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey, Nathan, Brandon and Joel. Alexis and Nathan were born with cerebral palsy, although today Alexis is the one whose disability appears far more prevalent. The McCaughey septuplets have one older sister, named Mikayla, who was born in 1996.

Regardless of the controversy that surrounded the birth of the septuplets at their birth, and occasionally resurfaces from time to time, it is incredibly impressive to watch these specials and read these articles based on Ann Curry’s yearly interviews. They provide a look inside a family that could have experienced financial ruin, thrown away their marriage due to the many stresses involved with raising such a large family, and completely exploited their multiple birth experience. Instead, it’s refreshing to find a normal, albeit insanely busy family; where good old fashioned values are in constant play.

The McCaughey septuplets may languish in their yearly limelight when Ann Curry arrives to interview them and monitor their experiences and progress. However, they are blessed beyond belief that their family hasn’t succumbed to the “reality TV” syndrome that is sweeping the world, and turned their children into exceedingly lucrative household names.


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