‘The Mentalist’ Season 5, Episode 2 ‘Devil’s Cherry’ recap

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The Mentalist opens with Cho (Tim Kang) and Rigby (Owain Yeoman) beginning the investigation into the murder of Victor Mendelssohn, a gem cutter. It’s a bloody one. He was eviscerated with an electric rotary saw. As he does, Jane (Simon Baker) wanders around the house and out to the front. He’s still reeling from Lorelei’s disappearance last week.

Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is interviewing a neighbor, Betty (Lee Garlington). She can’t believe such a terrible thing happened to Victor. They always had such lovely talks. She heard him arguing with someone about blue orchids last night. It happened in the kitchen. She knows because she was in her bedroom and could hear it. She didn’t see who it was, though, because her bedroom doesn’t have a sightline into the kitchen.

Jane leaves and wanders into the kitchen. He sets a kettle to boil and wanders around. When the kettle boils, he looks around and seeing a tea ball in the sink, sniffs it, shrugs, and uses it to make a cup. Which, yeuch. He sips it and watches as a butterfly flits by. He goes to the window and notices the neighbor’s bedroom window looking down into the kitchen. He hears a rattling sound. It’s coming from the stove. A stock pot is on the range, and something is pushing against the lid. He drops his tea cup. Cho asks if everything’s okay. Jane says yes. He finds a lop eared bunny in the pot. He takes it out and carries it around. Stroking it, it escapes, and he chases it into a garden. A young girl is there. She seems to be waiting for him. After teasing him a bit, she introduces herself as Charlotte (Dove Cameron). Jane tells her that’s his daughter’s name. She claims to be his daughter.

Jane calls foul. He thinks that she’s a Red John plant. She tells him, “you are smart. You are loved.” He doesn’t understand how she can know something he told his daughter. She takes him into Victor’s workroom. It’s there Lisbon finds him. He introduces Charlotte and tells her that he doesn’t know who she is and why she’s claiming to be his dead daughter. She says Charlotte never died.

Jane is on the floor of the kitchen. That tea cup that shattered? That’s when he lost consciousness. He’s been poisoned with belladonna.

Lisbon goes to the hospital. Jane realizes he’s hallucinating, but he’s enjoying it since he’s seeing Charlotte. When he comes to, he tries to steal an ambulance, thinking it’s his car. Perhaps he shouldn’t drive.

Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) interviews Julian (Yani Gellman), Victor’s protegé. He tells them the Blue Orchid is not a flower. It’s an enormous diamond Victor was cutting.

The investigation continues, and they start to focus on Julian a bit. They go to the workshop, totally different from the one Jane saw in his hallucination, and find the Blue Orchid in Julian’s bag. He claims not to know how it got there. Jane remembers something. He remembers that Betty’s bedroom was had a direct eyeline to the kitchen, and yet she claimed not to be able to see into it.

Lisbon and Jane call on Betty. They have tea. They trick her into thinking she’s been poisoned with belladonna. She flips. Lisbon tells her that they know about her financial problems. She confesses to everything. She’s been planning the theft for years. The Blue Orchid was of course too distinctive a gem to steal. But it was great as a framing device. She has the other uncut stones. She poisoned Victor and convinced him that the gems were in his stomach. He killed himself. She laughs. She might be one of the more despicable murderers on the show. Shudder.

With the case wrapped up, Jane makes himself a cup of tea. It looks like he’s bought some belladonna.

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