‘The Mentalist’ Season 5, Episode 3 ‘Not One Red Cent’ recap

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The Mentalist opens with Jane (Simon Baker) at a shoe repair. The elderly gentleman is a little curmudgeonly and tells him to sit. He does so. Meanwhile, across the street, three masked and armed men storm Sacramento Federal. They assault the guard and methodically cover the cameras with spray paint. The one in charge wants the vault opened, and a man stands up to do it.

As the camera cuts back and forth to Jane at the shoe repair, Ernie Wright (Mark Robert Provencher), the bank employee opens the vault. The gunman orders him to help fill the large duffels they brought with them with the bricks of cash on the table. When they’re done, he orders Ernie to his knees and tells him to count to 100 before leaving. The camera pans back to the front, a gun shot is heard. Ernie has been shot in the head. He’s dead.

Back at the shoe repair, Jane gets up and looks out. He witnesses the robbers driving away in the getaway van, after getting into an accident and shooting at a police officer. The shoe repairman collapses in shock. Jane isn’t getting his shoes right away.

Out of the norm, the show reveals the robbers right away. After splitting the money, John Hutten (Paul Schulze) tells his accomplices, the Arroyo brothers to get out of town.

Lisbon (Robin Tunney) approaches the bank. Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) fills her in, and tells her that the sobbing woman is Wright’s fiancée, Nancy (Katie Walder). Jane is already in the bank. Cho (Tim Kang) is downstairs. Jane asks him if the safe deposit vault was open. It was. The team interviews all the bank employees. One offers that he was up for the same promotion and he was upset at losing out to Ernie. He could have been the dead one! The other interviews are all sort of slice of life nothing important ones.

Back at heaquarters, FBI agent Mancini (Ivan Sergei) is back. He wants to know why CBI is investigating the bank robbery, an FBI purvue. Lisbon argues that the murder isn’t, and that’s what her team is investigating. Bertram (Michael Gaston) agrees, and tells Mancini that they’ll turn the robbery over after the murderer is caught.

The robbery appears to be one in a string of robberies. No one was killed in the others though. Van Pelt tells Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) that it looks like there is one leader and the others change. She tells him that they should be able to identify him from checking the surveillance footage in the days leading up to the robberies. Jane bets lunch for a few weeks that he can identify the suspect first. Rigsby points out that these bets never go well for them, but Van Pelt feels lucky. Of course, when she finds Hutten, Jane tells her that he found him an hour before her. He has her write the name down, and Jane tells her that it’s Hutten. She’s floored.

Lisbon goes to pick up Hutten at work. He’s welding something on a train. He drops the blowtorch and cooperates. He’s been in the system before and he and his attorney stonewall Lisbon. When they’re leaving, Jane stops them and asks Hutten about the murder and the inside man.

When he tells Lisbon about the inside man, they go to the wake at Ernie’s house. Jane heads to the backyard where all the bank employees are when Lisbon gets stuck with Ernie’s grandmother. Jane asks the manager whom he doesn’t trust, and asks the others equally nonsensical and rude questions. They’re shocked at his suggestion that someone was working with the robbers.

Jane makes his way up to Ernie’s bedroom. He checks the closet, and looks through his drawers. He stops when he hears paper rustling as he closes the top one. He pulls it out and finds an airplane ticket to Brazil. He goes downstairs and tells Lisbon, in front of the grandmother and Nancy, that Ernie was the inside guy.

No one can believe it. Jane tells Lisbon that Hutten didn’t kill Ernie. He thinks someone else did, and that whoever did it, hid something in a safe deposit box. He tells her who, when she insists.

At the bank, they bring everyone down to the safe deposit vault. Jane does his thing with guessing where the box in question is while Lisbon negotiates with them, offering 10 years and going up in 5 year increments. Nancy finally steps forward. When she hands over the key, Jane opens the box to reveal the murder weapon.

Turns out that she was furious with Ernie. She is the one who encouraged Ernie to go back to school, to apply for the promotion. All of that, and then he back to completely lose interest in her. She thought he was cheating on her, so she followed him. She saw him at an internet café, and realized he had a secret email. She hacked into it, and she found the emails between Ernie and Hutten. She realized he was planning on leaving her. She thought about going to the police, but she was too angry.

She went to the bathroom when the robbery started and when the robbers left, she went to the vault and killed Ernie. She shows no remorse at all.

Nancy saved all the emails about the robber and Lisbon hands those over to Mancini and they bring Hutten back and arrest him.

Jane gets his shoes back. Van Pelt asks him how he found Hutten. He tells her that he read her pen. Yep. He cheated.

Mancini invites Lisbon to poker night. She agrees. When she gets there, it’s filled with movers and shakers. Is that leading somewhere down the line? Bertram is there.

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