‘The Mindy Project’ Season 1, Episode 3 ‘In the Club’ recap

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The Mindy Project has been picked up for a full season. The episode begins with Mindy (Mindy Kaling) calling the boys to the carpet. Danny (Chris Messina) asks if she sent him an email about having a sex tape of him, while Jeremy (Ed Weeks) asks about a sex tape. She yells, aha! She tricked them into responding to her emails and wants to know why they didn’t answer the one about work. Just as they start talking about it, Shauna (Amanda Setton) comes in, looking slightly better than death warmed over.

Mindy chases her back to the desk so she can ask to go clubbing with her. Shauna doesn’t really want to but reluctantly agrees. Morgan (Ian Barinholtz) overhears, and the next thing you know, the office minus Danny has invited itself along. Danny winds up agreeing to it when Mindy scoffs at the very idea of him going clubbing. When Mindy calls Gwen (Anna Camp) to tell her about it, she tells Mindy that she doesn’t miss clubbing at all, but Mindy remains undeterred.

On line at the club, Mindy tells the group that black guys like her. They all kind of cringe and tell her to tone down the casual racism. She scoffs and tells them that black guys like a butt, and she most definitely has one. They’re all relieved when they reach the head of the line and she stops talking.

When they get inside, Mindy stops and stares before the bouncer tells her that she has to get a move on because if everyone did the whole dramatic entrance thing, they’d never get people inside. She orders red wine with ice. Shauna and Danny cringe, but Mindy is okay with herself and her choices. She’s kind of good like that.

She cruises the club, but it’s too hard to talk to people, and she winds up sitting with the office. She makes fun of Danny for not dancing (never mind that she isn’t either). Danny says he doesn’t like the song, but just as Mindy asks if he wants her to ask the deejay to play the Doobie Bros. for him, he gets up as U-God’s voice comes over the speakers. He tells them that he went to school with some of them as he goes to the dance floor and moves. Like, really moves. No one at the table can believe it. Shauna is nearly drooling. Mindy teases her, but Shauna claims she’s totally not interested. Betsy (Zoe Jarman) orders a $300 bottle of blue liquor. It’s disgusting, but she winds up guzzling most of it anyway. Shauna tries to dance with Danny, but he’s oblivious.

As for the other guys, Jeremy eyes a bachelorette party, while Morgan goes to the bathroom to get ready and gets mistaken for a bathroom attendant. Instead of correcting the misunderstanding, he decides to go with it and spends the night in the restroom, where he tries to convince Jeremy that he should make better choices.

Photo: Amar'e Stoudemire, Baron Davis and Danny Granger guest star on new episode of The Mindy Project, airing tomorrow at 9:30/8:30c. Be sure to set your Season Pass!

Shauna tries to talk to Mindy about Danny, but Mindy gets invited to the VIP section. When she glances over, she recognizes Baron Davis and is super excited. She brushes Shauna aside and heads toward the stairs. When she gets upstairs, Betsy follows her. She is wasted. Mindy gets her a seat and is heading toward the basketball players when a guy hands her a glass of champagne. She thanks him and tries to sidestep him, but he’s persistent. He flirts hard with her, asking if she’s the mistress of a black congressman. She can’t believe he just said that, and she can’t understand how he’s even there. She starts to wonder if his uncle owns the club, but she stops herself. He introduces himself as Josh (Tommy Dewey). All the players know and love him. He’s a sports attorney, and he’s the one who invited her to the VIP section.

Mindy sits with the players, and they talk about their favorite rom-coms. Tom Hanks is well-represented. They all talk up Josh, and he invites her to an after-party. Mindy notices that some sleazy guy is talking to Betsy, and she asks them to wait for her at the exit. She rescues Betsy and carries her (like Prince Charming might carry Cinderella) over to Shauna. She ditches them and heads over to Josh. When she gets there, though, she tells him she’ll have to take a rain check. She also asks him if Amar’e Stoudemire took her pashmina. He tells her it’s possible.

She goes back to the table, where Shauna is still cleaning up Betsy’s vomit. She tells Shauna that she bets Danny is weird in bed, and she’s better off without him. The waitress comes with the bill, and Betsy really doesn’t have it. Morgan swoops in with his bathroom tips. He thinks it’s a lot. It’s $37. Mindy covers the rest of it. They dance.

Jeremy is fighting himself, and trying to explain to the bachelorette why he’s not going with her when Morgan closes the taxi door, telling her that Jeremy has diarrhea. Jeremy is mortified but can’t deny it worked.

As they’re all ready to leave, a limo driver approaches Mindy and tells her that Josh sent the limo for her. He also hands her her pashmina. There’s a note from Josh that he paid Amar’e $500 for it and says she owes him dinner. Mindy smiles. They all go home in style. Well, except Danny who hooked up with someone.

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