‘The Mob Doctor’ Spoilers for Episode 2: Family Secrets

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The pilot episode for The Mob Doctor introduced viewers to the character of Grace Devlin, a doctor struggling to balance her professional and personal life while moonlighting for the mob to pay off her brother’s debts. After seeing Grace stick to the moral high ground by not killing a mob enemy in surgery, saving her mother and witnessing the death of mob boss Paul Moretti at the hands of the former boss, Constantine, viewers will likely tune in next week to see what the future holds for this new series replacing House‘s old spot.

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Grace’s ties to the mob won’t die with Moretti; Constantine guarantees her continued work treating mobsters under the radar. After all, Constantine is still very much involved in criminal intrigue despite being on parole, and he must look after his allies if he doesn’t want trouble from his enemies. He definitely made a friend of Donte Amato, the late Moretti’s rival. Unfortunately, Amato suffers from some sort of life-threatening condition, and Constantine requests Grace’s aid in diagnosing the problem.

Outside of mob affairs, Grace will collaborate with her love interest, Dr. Robinson, to treat a newly married young lady who suffers from violent mood swings. In the midst of all this, somehow Grace and the cute doc find time to turn up the heat on their budding romance, but does Dr. Robinson have a little competition? There certainly seemed to be a little history between Grace and one of Constantine’s men, but The Mob Doctor‘s viewers will just have to wait and see how that part of the storyline develops.

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