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My son knocked on the door tonight

And said Mom, I cooked today

In his hand he had a bag

And handed it to me saying

This is going to be just right

Instead of your standing cooking

Please eat what I have brought

It will warm you up all inside

And its good for you too,

Remember, that’s what I was taught

So we talked awhile and then he left

And I peered into the bag

There was a container in it

And it knocked me for a loop

The container that he brought me was filled with Chicken Soup.

Well, I thought and thought about it

And said okay I’ll try

I’ll please my son and eat his fare

I not a soup fan after all,

But then I shouldn’t care

So I put it in the microwave

And into a small bowl

Sat that on a paper plate

Took it into the living room

And sat down to feed my soul

But then I had a mishap

I really don’t know how

But while sitting down something warm

Was oozing on my lap

I must have tilted just a bit and I yelled Holy Cow

Well my pants were wet and the chair as well

But I said eat, you’re wet already

So I relished what was left, no broth

And then tilted the bowl to drink the rest

And felt a warm stream go down my neck, just easy nice and steady


Well what I had tasted good

So I called my son to tell him

I enjoyed your cooking darling

But now I must shower and regroup

For as it turns out right this minute

I am wearing chicken Soup


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