The Most Ridiclous of the Day: Chris Brown

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Today's most ridiculous is going out to Mr. Christopher Brown, R&B superstar, you retard. I am getting so sick of these so called stars getting a free pass all the time. Oh I get it, as long as I am a superstar, I can beat on women, rob you of your 401k, destroy world economies, kill innocent people (OJ, Blake) and get away with it. This guy here needs a good whipping. I wish Rihanna was my baby sister, I would find Chris Brown and take one of my new golf clubs I got for Christmas, (thanks for the clubs dad) and bust him over the head repeatedly with it, then take out my divot tool and pull the dent out of his head. Are you kidding me, this is a joke right?

Sunday night at the Grammy awards, I guess these two got into it big time. The night ended with C. Brown whacking this poor girl a couple of times in the dome. Now my mother taught me better then that, obliviously Mr. Brown's parents was absent on the day that lesson was to be taught, I don't know. This guy is a tool. A coward. And if any of you still can find a place for him and his music, well, I guess Mr. Brown won't be the only one testing out my new clubs….watch your head.

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