‘The Muppets’ Called Communist Brainwashers of Kids by Fox Business Network

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The Muppets did very well at the box office, but now some parents might regret taking their kids to see it — according to the Fox Business Network, the communist talking puppets are trying to brainwash kids with their liberal message.

And all this time everyone thought Kermit was just a peace-loving frog who just wants to sing about rainbows! Then again, that description does make him sound a lot like one of those hippie OWS protestors who are against corporate greed. So maybe Kermit’s nemesis in the latest Muppet movie should have been a green, greed-loving fellow named Gordon Gecko.

This pun would have been fun, but instead the baddie in The Muppets is an evil oilman named Tex Richman that wants to tear the Muppet Theater Down to drill for oil.

Apparently Mr. Richman would have been portrayed as a hero in the world of Follow the Money host Eric Bolling – he would have happily put some small business owners out of business in the hopes of lining his already heavy pockets a little bit more and been hailed as a hero for providing a little more fuel to a nation that takes its limited resources for granted.

Here’s what Bolling said about the liberal agenda of the kids’ movie: “Why do kids have to be exposed to this?… Why is rich evil?… We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, communist China?” He also said this: “Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful businessman as evil – that’s not new.” Sheesh. Will a conservative filmmaker turn Atlas Shrugged into a kids’ movie already?

So are the Muppets really teaching kids class warfare? Here’s the deal: Hollywood does often cast the owners of corporations as evil, but these business owners are always greedy and willing to do awful things to make more money than they can spend. In short, Hollywood is trying to teach kids that being greedy is bad, not that business owners are bad. And Eric Bolling is taking the movie just a little bit too seriously – this is a film starring talking puppets that he’s getting all upset about, after all.

Here’s what Eric Bolling’s guest, Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center, had to say about the movie: “Hollywood, the left, the media, they hate the oil industry. They hate corporate America…. All of these movies attacking the oil industry. None of them reminding people what oil means for most people, which is fuel to light a hospital or heat your home or maybe fuel an ambulance to get you to a hospital.”

Yes, oil is an extremely important part of life right now. But it’s also important that oil companies obtain it in honest ways without hurting other people and the environment. Sadly, some big oil bigwigs just aren’t going to be concerned about any of this, which is the way Richman was portrayed. He wasn’t screwing over a bunch of puppets to provide people with oil – he was doing it for his own personal gain. Maybe Kermit should have convinced Tex Richman to go green by investing in a solar-powered car business at the end of the movie.

But Bolling wasn’t just worried about the movie bashing big oil – he was upset that being rich was being portrayed as something evil. However, the movie itself was a big success for a lot of rich people – very few fans of the movie probably saw Amy Adams or screenplay writer Jason Segel as being evil for making money off of it. Instead they just enjoyed watching them live in a make-believe world.

So maybe Bolling should just take comfort in knowing that wealthy producers and actors are always the real winners when a movie does well at the box office no matter how badly their fellow millionaires are portrayed in it. Then maybe he can enjoy movies for what they’re meant to be – an escape from reality.

Check out the crazy Fox Business Network clip below.

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