The Murder of Trayvon Martin

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Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. Martin was unarmed when he was killed. Zimmerman followed Martin for an undetermined amount of time before the shooting, this after being told by the police not to do so. These are the facts in the case and no one is saying these facts are in dispute.


I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that one when one human being shots another human being in public with these facts undisputed there is going to be an arrest 99.99% of the time. You simply cannot follow someone around and then shoot them and expect to be treated as an innocent victim, yet here we are.


Let’s take race out of this totally. Let’s say that race doesn’t exist at all. Let’s give Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt and assume Martin’s race was irrelevant. So what the police are saying is that anyone could be shot by anyone else, with equal liberty, justice, and freedom and not be arrested in those exact circumstances?


This is the precedent law enforcement wants to set? Because if it is the gutters will flow with blood because anyone can shoot anyone for no reason at all, other than they have decided the other person is a threat. They can follow a human being, hunt that person, and kill that person, even after the police tell them not to, is that where we’re going with this?


But let’s not give Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt. Let’s go with the crime and see what happened and why. How big a part did Martin’s race play in this? How much did his age play into this? What about his gender? Young, black and male are the three crimes that Martin seemed to have committed in the eyes of George Zimmerman. He followed Martin and then he killed him.


The Florida “stand your ground” law allows for a person to defend themselves against anyone else who might be threatening that person. So, if you think someone is a threat you follow that person? Hmmm, there goes someone who might be a threat to me, the cops have told me not to follow that person I feel threatened by so I’ll follow that person and shoot that person.


Is this how we, as a society, will define self-defense?


But once again, let’s take all defining characters away from Martin and dress him up nice. Let’s say he was a ten year old white girl. Or a seventy year old Asian man. Or a red headed woman who was dressed in a hoodie yet was unarmed when she was shot dead.


Young. Black. Male.


Martine went three for three in the looks like your life isn’t worth as much to the cops as other people do list.


At a minimum, Zimmerman should answer in court for this. He should have to explain why he killed someone else. Is that too hard to understand? Let’s hear his side of the story, in public, in a courtroom, and let Zimmerman be judged by a jury of his peers.

George Zimmerman denied that basic right to Trayvon Martin no matter how this case is looked at or by whom. Now, it should be, will be, demanded, that Zimmerman answer for what he did. If he defended himself against a threat, let him go into a courtroom and say so.


It is wrong for law enforcement not to arrest someone who just killed another person, in public, after being told to stand down.


This is wrong, people, it is wrong for one man to play cop, play jury, play judge, play executioner and then play the victim.


It is wrong, very wrong, for anyone to remain silent now. For when the life of someone is taken unjustly then we are all threatened. If Young, Black and Male is enough to get you killed then how long before that list expands, like it did when Hitler rose to power?


If you think this an exaggeration then speak to the parents of Trayvon Martin and let them tell you how it feels to live in a country where their child was murdered and nothing was done.


Do something.


Take Care,


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