The Mystery of Twenty Random Things or Name, Rank, and Serial Number

I found this quiz right here on Gather just now and copied it.  I'm not smart enough to answer any of the questions correctly so I left them blank.  I figure there's a hefty penalty for guessing. You could copy it and answer the questions if you want.  I think it would be fun if you copied it as is and didn't answer any of the questions.  You wouldn't be subject to the penalties for incorrect answers either.

  1. The first thing I did this morning was:
  2. My strength is:
  3. My weakness is:
  4. I feel like a beautiful person (yes or no):
  5. This weekend I'm going to:
  6. A TV character I'd most compare myself to is:
  7. The most important quality in a potential mate is:
  8. My guilty snack pleasure is:
  9. My first kiss was:
  10. Someone who always makes me laugh is:
  11. I'm annoyed by:
  12. The last books I read was:
  13. If there was a fountain of youth, I'd:
  14. I cannot start my day without:
  15. My idol is:
  16. If I was stuck on a deserted island, the one person I'd bring is:
  17. I'd prefer to be (beautiful or book smart):
  18. Wish three wishes I'd ask for are:
  19. One word to describe me is:
  20. A surprising fact about me is:
At first I thought I'd give snarky answers to the questions.  I've done it before with quizzes like this one.  I dunno.  This time I decided to opt for the je ne sais quois that comes with obscurity.
Ont thing that confuses me a bit is how the original poster got that horrible looking font to show up in the article editor.  Wait, let's look at the HTML.  Oh, this is too easy.  The font is embedded in the text.  Apparently the article editor is now recognizing fonts again.  Here's the first question:  <span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: 'Kristen ITC';">The first thing I did this morning was:</span></li>.  I'm curious how people who are lucky enough not to have the Kristen font see the questions.  Let me know in a cheery comment. 

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