The New Anti-Semitism: anti-Mormon

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It was suggested that being anti-Mormon is the new politically correct anti-semitism given what happened to Romney in Dixie.  There are some problems with that concept especially down in Dixie.  The first that comes to mind is when did anyone ever accuse Dixie of being poltically correct.  But on a more serious note,  any Mormon who had lived awhile in either the South or the Midwest could not have been very surprised that Romney took a shellacing in the Midwest and the South.

The fact that religious prejudice reared its ugly head and took a bite out of the only faithful neo-conservative in the Republican ranks serves notice on wealth oriented Republicans that there is a price to be paid in mining the legions of intolerance.  That price is they have to recognize that the Solid Republican South created by Reagan was built upon the conversion of the formerly Solid Democratic South resulting from the passage under Lyndon Johnson of the Civil Rights Act.

It is a tiger of intolerance whether racist or bigotry which the Forbesian/Limbaugh/Newt Gingrich crowd can't dismount even when they want to.  The Evangelical minister from Iowa that candidly admitted that his colleagues were going to have a tough time telling their congregations to vote for a candidate who had a religious affiliation with what they had been preaching against for decades even if he was standing up for their political objectives.

Its that weird thing about wedding yourself to a brand of religious freedom which is translated as meaning freedom to believe as the Evangelicals believe that gets in the way.

But now, after the election and in the wake of Proposition 8, a Mormon neo-conservative like Romney has an even bigger problem.  Now he not only would have to overcome the ill-deserved bigotry of the South, but he would also be subjected to the fury of some moderates who feel that the gays got unfairly treated in part because of Mormon influence with regards to that vote in California.  While it is true that "log cabin" Republicans are not a particularly large portion of the Republican party — those who sympathize with the gays do include a fair number of the moderates.  So now the difficulty for a Mormon Republican becomes nearly insurmountable since such a candidate is likely to get attacked by both sides of his party.

In addition, the occasional Mormon politician in the Northeast who might aspire to office is going to find him or herself in a true political N'oreaster whether he or she really cares about same sex marriage or not.  If you are Mormon you were already likely to be assumed to be Republican (it's amazing that nobody seems to ever remember Harry Reid's religious persuasion), but now you will be assumed to be a homophobe as well.  Of course, it has been said by others that being anti-gay is the last palatable discrimination — so maybe we deserve it.

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