The New Mc. Donalds Dollar Menu …. Slicing Less Cheese…. Hilarious and true!

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I’m not sure how many of Gather members eat at Mc. Donalds, but I saw an article on AOL news about the New Mc. Donalds Dollar Menu. I have a bad habit about stopping and getting a cheap bite to eat. Who doesn’t splurge a little? eh?

I think its ridiculous how the famous Double Cheeseburger will be slightly highered to $1.19 and now, they’re introducing a new type of Double Cheeseburger which will be called the McDouble which consist of two beef patties and one slice of cheese. That’s right! Did you hear that? One slice of cheese! Can you absolutely believe Mc. Donalds is going to be that greedy about their cheese? Laughs…. You know what they blame this on? Its been said due to the rising costs of meat. One way or another, we get higher prices. Go figure!

Here’s the news link for more details:

I have a New Year resolution of losing weight, so I probably won’t be sliding by so many double cheeseburgers, but every now and then, if I splurge, I will most likely get a salad or sundae instead, but of course, I will burn those extra calories off.

I probably won’t be stopping at Mc. Donalds as much and will most likely, enjoy Taco Bell or Wendy’s more often for their low prices. Of course, I hear spicy foods help increase the metabolism and help in losing weight. So, who knows? I guess its worth a try, huh?

What do YOU think about this Mc. Donalds ordeal and slicing less cheese? Laughs….

~ This is suppose to become effective on December 1st ~ Make sure you buy all the cheesey burgers before then! hahahaha

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