The New Season of The Bachelor Starts Tonight With Jake Pavelka…You Know, the Pilot

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The Bachelor is back tonight, and the single guy du jour, Jave Pavelka, cleverly (?) calls upon his profession when he calls it a “very bumpy ride.”  What’s worse is the network is calling this season “On the Wings of Love”.  Groan.  Come on, ABC – Jake?  I thought he was quite cute, but Hank Azaria’s character in Birdcage actually showed more signs of being a man than this guy.  I still have nightmares about the scene in which he hung his head and cried after trying to tell Jillian about Wes’ girlfriend.  Seriously, unless they’re trying to do the first lesbian season of The Bachelor, I truly think this is a mistake.  No one wants to see a guy get more and more emasculated week after week.  I can only hope for some major drama on the part of the girls.  Otherwise, this season and all its cheesy aviation puns are going down in flames. 

If you actually care to read what Jake thinks as the season progresses, you can catch his blog on  But you should also take stock of your very sad life.  Seriously.    

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