The Newest Internet Fad….TWITTER.

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It's sweet to tweet, or at least that is what newspapers and television wants me to believe.   I do not have a twitter account.  I have been invited, but I have never checked it out.  Last night Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart had segments about it.  Joe and Mika are talking about it today on Morning Joe.  I'm no longer in the loop with only having facebook and MySpace.  It's so addictive that senators and representatives could not put down their blackberrys during President Obama's address to them.  What the hell is wrong with us?  It is one of the most difficult times in most of our lives and my elected representative is typing in what he is doing.   We know.  We can see you on our television.  Update me after the speech.  Maybe I just don't understand the hype.  It's even possible that curiosity will overcome me and I will create an account to find out what is so amazing about this site.  I just don't see it happening anytime soon.

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