‘The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep’ Recap: Baltimore

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This week on The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep, Joe Jonas, Nelly, John Rich and Gloria Estefan are back, but this time in a different city. They head to Baltimore to spend 72 hours mentoring four new contestants for the big stage and for a chance to win a recording contract with Atlantic Records.

Choir director Shannon Ramsey meets Gloria Joe Jonas visita EL Hormiguero de Pablo Motosfor the first time in her church. Even though Shannon is in front of 100 people every week, she has an issue with a bigger crowd. Gloria noticed that Shannon keeps her eyes closed when she sings. Her advice was for her to open her eyes to make contact with the audience. Gloria got to hang out with her family at a barbecue, although she did look a little perplexed while trying to eat a crab. The next stop for Shannon was heading to a hair salon to get a little bit of a change. It wasn’t just a little change as her hair was all chopped off! She looked quite different. Shannon got up on stage to sing Stronger and did a stellar performance.

Jenny Leigh from Baltimore gets a visit from John Rich. She got ambushed at Nick’s fish house as she was hanging out with friends. She later confided to the country singer that she is scared about leaving Baltimore. This guy loves to play around so this time he programmed his music into her cell phone so that his voice is the first thing she hears in the morning. Now that’s a surefire way to wake up. Jenny sang Gun Powder and Lead in front of the mentors and the audience, and she was very confident on stage.

It’s now Nelly’s turn to surprise someone. That person is Chris Bivins who gets woke up in bed by Nelly. It turns out that Chris is a very good dancer, too. Nelly got him on the treadmill to practice his singing and he even serenaded people on the docks. On the big stage, Chris did okay. John Rich was honest and said his dancing was better than his singing. He is still a talented guy.

Joe got to mentor Jordan Baird after he surprised him as he was teaching a music class. He admitted that he puts others ahead of himself so Joe helped him to focus on just him and his music. The two guys played a mean game of basketball as Jordan sang his way into a winning basket. Jordan wowed the crowd when he sang Not Over You. He even made Gloria’s heart thump a little, too. She said that this is a big perk of being the only female mentor.

The audience gets to vote for who they want to come back for the final sing-off but first, Joe Jonas and Gloria Estefan did a duet together. They were great as they sang Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. Ms. Estefan still sounds wonderful just as she did years ago and Mr. Jonas blended in quite well.

The audience voted Jordan as the winner this week. It was certainly well deserved. The judges thought so, too. Jordan’ mentor, Joe Jonas was a happy camper and very proud of this guy. The two seemed to hit it off quite well as they have similar background stories.

Next week on The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep, the four mentors head to New York to find four new singers to join the growing list of final competitors to win that coveted recording contract.

Be sure to watch this new reality show Thursdays at 9pm on the CW Network.

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