‘The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep’ Recap: Chicago

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This week on The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep, the mentors head to the windy city of Chicago to meet up with their talented young people. One will be selected to go to Los Angeles for the finals to get a chance at a record deal with Atlantic records.

First up is Julian Bell. Joe Jonas surprises him at his job in the women’s shoe department. He tells Joe that he wants to do pop rock even though everyone seems to think he would be doing R&B or rap. Joe talks to him about how to overcome his nerves. He takes the stage at a local sandwich shop and the small crowd loved him. Out on the street, while Joe was handing outJohn Rich of Big & Rich milkshakes and asking for tips, Julian sang for them. He sang Waiting on the World to Change on stage in front of the mentors and the audience. The mentors noticed how nervous he was but they still loved him.

John Rich met up with Janelle Kroll as he sang on the street waiting for her train to arrive. He put her to the test as soon as they met as they sang together. John told her that she has character in her voice. He also told her that she should sing her chosen song by Janet Jackson acapella. She took his advice…sort of. She started off singing without the band, but then added the music in the middle. The mentors told her that they really loved her voice alone without the band.

Nelly surprised Jabari at the Navy Pier while he was on a date with his girlfriend. Jabari is used to producing but is now stepping up to the mic. They chose for Jabari to sing Grenade by Bruno Mars. The boys take to the studio to practice as Nelly gave him some tips on what to do on stage…like breathe! Jabari did well as he stepped out of his comfort zone.

Iliana was singing at a restaurant as Gloria shows up in a waitress uniform, taking people’s orders. Iliana told her the story of seeing Gloria in Spain with her family. She also loves to paint. She tries to teach her mentor how to paint a picture as Gloria uses the paints to explain mixing up her song and style. She told Gloria that she wants to take a song and make it her own. Iliana saw that in person as the girls head to a cubs game. Gloria was asked to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame as she mixed it up just a bit. Iliana set fire to the stage as she sang Adele in front of the audience. Everyone loved her.

Before the vote, John and Gloria took to the stage to sing Superstition together. They rocked it! John Rich really knows how to get down.

Chicago voted Iliana to go on to LA for the chance of a lifetime in the semi-finals.

The mentors will be heading to Dallas on next week’s episode. Who did you like on this episode of The Next?

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