‘The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep’ Recap: Dallas

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This week on The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep, the four mentors are in the city of Dallas looking for some new talent to get them ready for LA and for a chance at a record deal. Joe Jonas, Gloria Estefan, Nelly, and John Rich have plenty of advice to hand out.

John Rich ambushed Erica Perry at her bachelorette party. She also happens to be a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. The pretty blond is a pure country girl, but she needs to learn to connect with the audience. She also needs to lean into the big notes as her mentor takes her out in the middle of nowhere to belt out her voice. Erica chose to sing Redneck Woman as she came out on stage wearing a tight dress and authentic cowgirl boots. She has a good voice, but she didn’t connect with the audience as much as could have.

Next up is Jordana as she meets up with her mentor, Joe Jonas. She has a strong musical theater background, but she wants to become a rock star. The young singer uses her hands a lot when she sings, so Joe went to work to keep her from touching her bangs when she sings. He put blue paint on her hands to keep her them free and to focus on her singing. Jordana’s song choice for the night was So What by Pink. She came out and did her rock star thing.

Gloria rides up on a pink bike to meet up with Remington, who is an adventure seeker. He tells her that he plays many different instruments, and he also loves to tinker… way too much! Gloria tried to get him to narrow down his skills and to find how who he is. She caught him fussing with a tire as she tells him that he needs to find his focus, which is music. Remington got up to sing Stutter by Maroon 5. He had a good voice, but he did a little too much dancing with it.

Last but not least, Nelly meets Ashley Kimbrae, who is having lunch with friends. She admitted that she gets very nervous singing in front of anyone. She starts massaging her hands when that happens. Nelly decided to record a motivational message especially for her to get her to relax. It was a little creepy. He then took her to the Cowboys stadium to sing since the stage is huge, too. Ashley ended up singing Pricetag by Jesse J. Everyone loved her.

Before the vote, Joe Jonas and Nelly sang a duet together, and they sounded great. They even had some background dancers… in the form of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

Who will be heading to LA for the semi-finals? The audience voted for Ashley Kimbrae who was mentored by Nelly. She will get to go to LA to sing her heart out for a record deal with Atlantic Records.

Stay tuned for the final stop in LA next week on The Next.

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