The Next Food Network Star, 6.3, Grammy Award Celebration RECAP: Contestants Cook for Colbie Caillat

The contestants walk the red carpet and cook for award-winning singer Colbie Caillat in The Next Food Network Star‘s Season 6, Episode 3, Grammy Award Celebration.
No one is better at inspiring people than the Food Network’s own Guy Fieri, who was once a reality show contestant, too. With Bobby Flay in New York for the week, Guy takes over hosting and judging duties in this episode that focuses a lot on star power.
CHALLENGE: Classic Movie Genres Inspiration
The remaining 10 contestants are first challenged by creating dishes inspired by classic movie genres. Unlike last week, most of these dishes were good, but the contestants, again, had trouble facing the camera. Some surprises did show, though, with Tom telling a story of romance with his French-inspired dish. But it was Aarti again who won the challenge for making an innovative and delicious dish; inspired by horror, she made a meatloaf with a little bit of blood.
STAR CHALLENGE: Grammy Award Celebration for Colbie Caillat
The first part of the star challenge had the contestants walking the red carpet at The Highlands and greeting their fans. At the end of the runway, they picked up a bag which revealed their cooking partner and ingredient. Each two-person team was to make one individual dish each and one collaborative dish. Some teams gelled, but as is to be expected – more exploded, as they served Colbie Caillat and 100 guests.
Here are the dishes and what the judges thought…
BRIANNA: Her crispy pork with fennel chutney tasted delicious but her cool personality, again, turned everyone off.
HERB: He made a beautiful beer marinated flank steak with chimichurri. Both his food and his personality was warm and inviting – which made him this week’s winner.
Collaborative dish: The dream team made a dish full of flavor: bruschetta with beer fondue and fennel ragu.
DZINTRA: Her beef tenderloin and forest mushroom gravy partially worked, thanks to the mushrooms, but the meat was forgettable. And everyone wishes they could forget how she related her collaborative dish to a hairball.
ARIA: All of the guests loved her blueberry Napoleon with phyllo dough. Even Bob awarded it with an A+.
Collaborative dish: Considering this pair couldn’t communicate, it wasn’t a surprise when their salad with mushrooms and blue vinagrette didn’t impress anyone.
AARTI: It should come as no surprise that everyone loved Aarti’s subtle Indian flavors in her taleggio toast with Indian tomato chutney – similar to a bruschetta but with her own flair.
BRAD: He may be a professional chef, but he’s trying to do too much with his chocolate seared pork loin that lacked a chocolate flavor.
Collaborative dish: The Southwestern beef skewer with cheese and chocolate sauce did not make the judges happy with its leather texture.
DAS: He brought his personality out as he served a fried pancetta cabbage with salmon. Susie even called it awesome and buttery.
TOM: He went out on a limb with his banana avocado mousse, which was cool and refreshing, and it paid off; all the judges loved it.
Collaborative dish: Unfortunately, their tempura banana with jerk cabbage was the least favorite of the night, with it being described as disgusting by more than one person.
SERENA: She did not have a good night between nearly breaking her foot and serving an atypical dish of dry mozzarella en carozza with peanut butter sauce. The Italian comfort food tasted too stale for most.
PAUL: He thought his shrimp over parsnip puree would be great because of his “professional cooking skills,” but everyone else thought it was a disaster.
Collaborative dish: Despite being dubbed as Team Chaos – and Paul being incredibly condescending, the judges loved their tenderolin with parsnip slaw and peanut sauce.
The first three teams were judged as a team and quickly dubbed safe: Brianna and Herb, Brad and Aarti, and Tom and Das. That left the bottom four who were judged individually. As to be expected both Serena and Aria were in the clear, but Paul and Dzintra weren’t so lucky. Guy thought Paul had some charisma but had a long way to go. Dzintra can not seem to overcome her uncomfortableness – and that sent her home.
I didn’t completely agree with the decision, if only because I don’t like Paul’s humor and the way he treated Serena (not to mention his lackluster food). Dzintra hasn’t been much better, but her bizarre behavior and comments – occasionally – make for entertainment.
What did you think of Dzintra’s elimination? Did the judges make the right decision this week? 

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