The Night Mom Went Home

 The night my mom passed, more than a decade ago, I was not by her bedside as the rest of my siblings were.  I was there that morning but early that afternoon, I had the opportunity to try and save another's life, a young girl, barely twenty.  Discreetly, I whispered this to my mom and though she knew her own time on earth was coming to a close, she told me that the Lord would want me to do what i could for the girl in question as she had a full and rich life ahead of her if our journey proved successful.  The journey was more successful then either the girl or myself would have ever imagined.  The Lord blessed it, I know.  The payment that was extracted of me was that I was not present at my mom's final farewell; seh went that very night.  But she went with grace and the next day when I returned to South Carolina, my pastor who I had asked to be there with my mom in my place told me a wonderful thing.  He told me that my mom had confided in him, that she could see Jesus waiting.  I believe it.  I believe Jesus remembered my mom and that He brought her home:


© Robert C Burnham


You lay prone on your death bed

Decidedly  ready to go

Watching the eyes of your family

Gazing on Their grieving and sorrow


You assure them that all's fine

That you have no fear to walk through

The Shepherd stands waiting

He still remembered you


Often times you've wondered

How can the Lord's grace be so right

You know you were far from perfect

Yet, always, He kept you in His sight


Serenely you lay there

In spite of your worst deeds

Your sinful desires and trespasses

As you coveted worldly needs


You speak not a word

As your family's cries come through

You simply show them a smile

Because, you know, He remembered you


Tired but unafraid you give up the ghost

Your journey home nears its end

Faithfully knowing who stood by you

Jesus Christ, Savior and Friend


You leave this old wicked world

Not sad nor not blue

But looking towards paradise

Because He remembered you

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My trade and I parted ways... I am now a Geography Major at UNC. And I am still a Christian Cowboy Werewolf Writer, Poet & Photographer.

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