The Nuclear Option – Republicans Did It To Themselves, So They Should Just Quit Whining About It

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The “nuclear option” exercised by Democrats on Thursday, November 21, was crafted by Republicans over almost six years of trying to negate the results of the last two presidential elections by obstructing as many appointments in that time as had been obstructed during all presidential administrations since the Republic was born.

Senator Harry Reid, Democrat Majority leader in the Senate and thus the Senate Chair said a week earlier that if Republican obstructionism didn’t stop, the Democrats were considering eliminating use of the filibuster for appointments to administrative, cabinet and judicial positions. In response, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), Republican Leader in the Senate, announced that there would be approval of no more appointments by President Obama to any judicial position for the remainder of his term… None! Nil! Nada! Zilch! Zippitty-Doo-Dah – Nuthin’! He declared judgeships not filled “unnecessary,” and said that allowing three appointments to one court by this president was an act that would “unbalance” the court. It was all essentially a dare for the Democrats to take this dramatic and controversial step.

The Democrats did exactly that, executing the nuclear option while pointing out that Senator McConnell had promised Republicans would work with Democrats to move appointments forward, but had, as Republican leaders have been doing for six years, simply refused to do so when the time came to keep his promise. McConnell said in essence, “So I lied… so sue me.”

Many Americans have been fed up for years with the arcane rules of the Senate “Gentlemen’s Club,” that serve the bad political habits of Senators at the expense of their constituents, American citizens. Rules like the filibuster have been used to bypass and sidestep constitutionally mandated Senate responsibilities for generations. A reasonable guess would be that most Americans are glad to see the filibuster eliminated for this part of Senatorial responsibilities, and they would like to see it gone entirely, along with the “hold because I don’t like the SOB” rule.  

Senator McConnell, in an astonishingly pathetic whine, said that the Democrats had “changed the rules” to, “Divert attention from the ObamaCare debacle.” But that is a “debacle” that is little more than a rapidly disappearing computer glitch made worse by a “DDOS” (distributed denial of service) attack authored by TEA-Traitor and Republican computer users. McConnell also said that the nuclear button was pushed to “advance Obama’s Liberal agenda.” Perhaps he simply hadn’t noticed that presidents historically appoint cabinet members, agency heads and judges who share, at least in significant part, that president’s political philosophy. And, in the inimitable words of Rachel Maddow: “…the resolution of this fight is hardly radical; indeed, it’s the exact opposite. The Senate, now more functional than it was yesterday, will now exercise its “advise and consent” role the way it used to – the way it was designed to.”

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