The Obama Deception

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After three of my Gather friends emailed me saying that they had received the Obama Deception DVD and that I should watch it, I decided to see if YouTube had a clip or trailer of the documentary.

I was surprised to discover that the entire full lenth movie was there.  At the end of it, Alex Jones reminds people that a better quality movie may be obained from and at  He also says that everyone should make copies of those better quality DVDs to give to friends and family so that the world can be out there.  (In other words, he’s not so interested in money that he wants you to pay for the DVDs, he just wants the information out there!)

Jones also challenges everyone to research this to see if what he’s put out there is true.  He challenges people to think…and then to act.






Yes, the movie is rather long – almost two hours, in fact.  But if you do what I did, and watch 15-20 minutes at a time when you have the time, you can get through it easily enough.

It will make you wonder and think.

In the last 30 minutes or so, the documentary says that Obama’s purpose is to radically expand Bush policies.

It says that his agenda includes:

1) Putting the US finances under the world bank – specifically by the 100 new taxes that will be paid to the world bank.  (Taxes on electricity, on gasoline, on plastics, on the farts of cows!)

2) Having a police state control grid.  We’ve heard that there are 20,000 troops ready to fight US if we get to the point where want to overthrow the government.  Today, I heard that the number had been expanded to 80,000.  These troops are being readied because our government expects rioting with the bad econimic times to come.  There are pictures on the internet of detention camps being made ready for persons who are caught and detained for rioting.

The movie explains that Obama has not rescinded any of Bush’s directives, which everyone thought would happen.  Remember Directive 51, which virtually allowed Bush to become a dictator?  Obama has not rescinded that directive.


There will be a civilian army (check out outside the regular army.  Think Nazis?  And think, neighbor reporting neighbor?

Obama has said that all 18-24 year olds will serve the country in some way.  Obama’s transistion site ( also proclaimed that middle and high school students will be forced to serve the federal government.



There has also been some mention about making all adults serve in some way as well.  Of course, if the serving is in non-profits, they will be ones approved by the government and not necessarily ones the participant would choose.


3)  Disarming American people.  Right now, there are numerous gun bills that have been proposed.  HR1022 bans any guns at all.  HR257 bans all youth shooting sports.  HR45 wants psychological screening for all current and future gun owners.  While that sounds okay in light of all the recent shootings, if the government is deciding what constitutes “approved” psycholigical behaviors, will that mean if one has the “wrong” political view point, that one might be deemed unworthy of having a gun or unstable?

Right now, there are one million people who have been put on the “no fly” list, people who cannot fly in airplanes.  One bill bans anyone on that list from having guns.  (Note:  The movie shows a 5 year old who was put on the “no fly” list.)

4)  Massive restricting of first amendment free speech.

5)  Federal healthcare so that the government can monitor and dictate your healthcare.  The proposed bill rations what care for which handicapped and elderly persons are eligible.



6)  Expand the defense budget so that we can encircle Russia, China, Iran and African countries.

7)  Control family farms and ranches.

8)  Merger of US, Canada and Mexico in “prosperity partnerships”.

9) Play the part of President.  When the masses get angry, take the blame.  Then a new “puppet” will be voted in who will “change” things some more, then take the blame when the masses get angry.  And so forth, and so forth, until the country has been changed into something our forefathers (and we) never envisioned.

10) Sell the public on global policies that are not in our best interest, and distract everyone for a few more years while global governing is put into place.


And what is our job?

  • To watch out for these things.
  • To educate ourselves.
  • To expose what should not be.
  • To investigate all information given to us, whether by the government or by the likes of Alex Jones.  He says that!
  • To rediscover what our Constitution and Bill of Rights really say.


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