The Obama Presidency: 4 Years Reduced to 40 Minutes and ‘Spiking the Football’

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The Obama presidency spanned 4 years in office, but its legacy was reduced to a 40-minute act that his predecessor George Bush began in 2001: The hunt and death of Osama bin Laden. And now, even that short job success is being called into question by the press and the public.

What does that say about the job performance of Barack Hussein Obama? That he can only succeed at the job where the groundwork has been laid for him?

The New York Times‘ impression of Obama’s one-year celebration of the death of Osama bin Laden is mirrored in the paper’s cartoon on the subject, which pokes more fun at the president than the man taken down by America’s elite military.

The cartoon depicts military men before a chalk board going over the war celebration game plan, which consists of a one-year anniversary cake for the takedown of Osama to be feted in honor of the Commander-in-Chief.

Americans may remember that this is the same president who campaigned against the war effort.

But now, under pressure to come up with at least one thing his administration has done right in four years, Obama–who cannot boast low unemployment, low gas prices, or a growing economy–must seek to show an affinity for the same military war effort he denounced during his bid for president.

In the NY Times cartoon, the SEAL leader says to his men, “We cut off the lights and you move in with the birthday cake.”

In real life, Obama has flipped on the lights and is asking everyone to look at him cut that cake for which he initially wanted nothing to do with–and which he refused to celebrate when it happened last year.

In fact, in May of 2011, right after the death of Bin Laden, ABC News’ Jake Tapper said Obama refused to even release the death photos, telling 60 Minutes that “Of course Americans and people around the world are glad that he’s gone, but, uh, we don’t need to spike the football [by showing his photos on television].”

But now, in an election year, he needs to play up the one area that did see success in the past four years, so it is lights, camera, action.

And he also feels he needs to attack Romney, who never played a role one way or another in the war, so he runs a political attack ad against him on the topic.

Here’s what ABC News’ Diane Sawyer said about the Obama attack ad on Romney, “Whoever would have thought that this moment would become a kind of opening round in the new race toward November?”

Whoever indeed. First Obama campaigned against the war effort and now that it is his administration’s only claim to fame–in the death of Osama bin Laden–he wants to ride in and take credit for it–and use it to beat up his opponent.

ABC News’ Jake Topper weighed in as well on the same video footage, saying that it wasn’t a question of whether Romney would have made a “tough call” about apprehending or killing the terrorist, as Obama’s ad insinuates, using Biden and Bill Clinton as his paid cheerleaders.

Instead, Topper told Sawyer that the ad appeared to many people more about Obama flip-flopping on his own position regarding using the Seals and the bin Laden death as a political publicity stunt now, versus when he refused to release the death photos in May 2011.

Topper says that’s exactly what Obama is doing now “spiking the football.” And he talks about how nothing has changed since last year to make Obama more receptive to sharing Americans’ gladness to be rid of the terrorist except Obama’s desire for four more years in office.

How about that? President Obama will “spike the football” not for America, our military our the dead of 9/11. He will spike it only for himself and another four years in office. Just how patriotic a Commander-in-Chief is that?

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