‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ Review: Different is Okay

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The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a different movie. In fact, you could say that it’s odd. As the film opens, Jim (Joel Edgerton) and Cindy Green (Jennifer Garner) are interviewing for an adoption, and that’s where they tell their amazing story.

'The Odd Life of Timothy Green' Review: Different is OkayThe Greens are told early on that they cannot have children. Obviously this is heartbreaking news, and both Garner and Edgerton did a great job portraying the kind of heartbreak and sadness that goes with such news. They return to their house in Stanleyville and begin to attempt to move on.

However, before they move on, they discuss who their child would have been. Each takes turns writing down something special that their kid would have. After they’ve exhausted their dreams, they put the notes in a box and bury it in their garden. This is how Timothy (C J Adams) is grown.

This little boy is no regular child. He has leaves on his legs, leaves that are beautiful. Unfortunately, as most leaves do, they fade away as autumn comes and turns into winter. Before that happens, though, Timothy is able to touch many lives in the small town of Stanleyville including his parents’.

Some reviewers did not like The Odd Life of Timothy Green, which is an earnest and straightforward life-action kids movie from Disney. Sure, there are plenty of unbelievable things in this tear-jerker. Another thing it has against it is that it is 2 hours and 5 minutes long, which makes it tough for younger children to make it through the entire film.

Also, depending on your child and his or her age, be prepared to answer many questions. They could range from “why is she sad she can’t have a baby?” to “did I grow from a plant, momma?” The toughest question will be, “Momma, what happened to Timothy? Did he die?” These questions are tough to answer for children, so make sure you have a response in advance, so that you can have a meaningful conversation about these topics. More details can be found in this Parent’s Guide to The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

This movie has a lot of things going for it. For instance, the parents admit they make mistakes, and it is obvious that they do. Also, the fact that it highlights the struggle and pain of infertility is another plus.

In the movie, Cindy tells Timothy, “It’s okay to be different. A little weird, even.” Ultimately, that is the premise. “Different” can be good. This movie is good. Be prepared to cry especially if you have children and/or if you have struggled with infertility. Don’t be ashamed of your tears just because many of the other movie critics are “above” such nonsense. It’s okay to be different from them, just like this movie taught.

Check out the movie’s trailer in the video below.

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