‘The Office’s’ Jenna Fischer Pregnant — Pregnancy Written into Show

Jenna Fischer of The Office is expecting her first baby in real life, and her pregnancy will be written into the script for the coming season. That means Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Fischer) will soon be awaiting the arrival of their second child.

According to a report from FOXNews, Fischer announced back in May that she and her husband, screenwriter Lee Kirk, were expecting their very first child.

It seems that the storyline on The Office will run something like this: Pam and Jim enjoyed a romantic weekend on Valentine’s Day. That’s when Pam got pregnant, but the couple decided to keep it quiet for a while. That way when the new season starts, Pam will already be expecting.

Jenna Fischer has played the role of Pam on The Office since it first started. She and Krasinski had several seasons of a bizarre relationship before getting married. They are now parents to a little girl named Cecilia.

What do you think of Jenna Fischer, aka Pam, being pregnant in the upcoming season of The Office? Will that be a nice distraction from the fact that Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is no longer on the show?

It will be fun to watch Jenna Fischer’s real-life pregnancy play out on The Office, as Pam and Jim await the birth of another baby. And hopefully, all goes well in real life for Fischer and hubby Lee Kirk, as they get ready to have a new baby of their own.

Jenna Fischer

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