The Old Man and Me, by R. C. Larlham (A book review)

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The Old Man and Me, by Charles Larlham

As I was reading The Old Man and Me, I felt as though I was enjoying a long stroll with the author, down a country lane, listening to stories of his youth and young adulthood. His memories brought back my own, long buried memories. Chuck Larlham lived a life far more interesting than mine, and I was mesmerized.

His old man bought a farm, with house, barn, chicken coups, and everything imaginable. With that farm came a pony.  The pony was blind, but gentle and quite rideable. A young boy’s every wish come true.

On that farm, young boys were put to work, either farming the land, mucking out the corrals and chicken coups, helping neighbors when needed (literally ‘farmed out’). Once in a while, they were actually paid for their work.

The author joined 4-H, and within two years, he had raised 750 chickens, made a profit from the eggs, and won 4-H Championship awards (both years). There were more championships to come.

As he grew older, ruined a few cars the old man had bought him, he went to college, and later joined the army. He was then a young man.

I’ll not go further, except to say that I will always remember this endearing book and stroll down memory lane.

I give this a 5 star rating, and look forward to his next book, anxious to walk down that beautiful country path and hear stories of him as an adult.

You can purchase this wonderful book on Amazon—The Old Man and Me.

Plus, it’s on Barnes and Noble—The Old Man and Me.

While you’re at it, Chuck has a great blog—The Old Man and Me.

And, his wonderful interview.

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