‘The Originals’ Spoilers: Daniel Gillies Talks Elijah’s Perspective of the Pilot, Human Katherine, and New Orleans Power

If you’re someone who has wanted more Elijah on The Vampire Diaries, you may also be someone who was happy to hear about the spin-off, The Originals. At Comic-Con, Gather.com sat down with Daniel Gillies for a press room roundtable to find out what’s coming up in the fall.

Daniel Gillies as Elijah in 'The Vampire Diaries' season 4.Elijah’s going to be busy in New Orleans Gillies previewed that Elijah will be trying to balance dealing with his brother and his “malevolent tendencies” and “trying to design a strategy for taking back their kingdom.” But what will that strategy be? “I don’t know what his strategy’s going to be. I just know that he’s going to probably put his family first.”

Elijah’s more invested in family with the baby on the way Well, that baby is the child of “possibly the most indestructible creature on the planet,” the actor pointed out. “And it happens to be his relative. He’s going to use that as his bedrock for this new kingdom. It’s also going to be his way to probably nurture and gently assuage out any of, as I said before, Klaus’ malevolent tendencies and seduce him back towards a path where they could have some degree of unity and power within New Orleans.”

Pulling double duty Gillies will be working on both The Originals and Saving Hope for “two brutal months, where I won’t have a day off,” he shared, so don’t worry that you won’t get your Elijah fix because of his other series.

A new perspective on the pilot If you were wondering what Elijah was up to during the pilot besides what you saw on the screen, you’ll like the episode that follows it. “It’s happening at the same time as the pilot’s happening but you’re seeing it from Elijah’s perspective,” the actor explained. “So Elijah will be interacting with a bunch of characters and then you’ll see him turn a corner, and then suddenly we’re in a scene from the pilot, and it’s a really neat. Then he’ll turn another corner and you’re realizing the behind the scenes that he had while the pilot was transpiring. It’s really neat.”

Katherine’s even more attractive to Elijah now! Gillies is hoping that romance continues. “Now that she’s human, she’s all the more sexy,” he told press. “Elijah loves humanity. He’s in love with humanity. I made that decision for him a long time ago, and I always try to squeeze it into the performances. Sometimes they’ve been cut out, just for time, for the episodes. But I love him loving human beings. I think it’s one of the most important comments in the show. I think the more humble she becomes, the more madly in love with her he will fall.”

The Originals is darker than The Vampire Diaries The actor called upon the “war aspect…sort of Game of Thrones-y…within this Louisiana vampire world” as something the spinoff has to offer that TVD doesn’t. “I think there’s more of an objective there,” he explained. “To me, Mystic Falls is more about survival, but I feel like in New Orleans, it’s more about retaking this empire and to further that answer, I think the material will probably be a little darker. Because our audience has kind of grown up with us, too, and now they’re getting older. Now we can afford to take greater risks. I think a little darker, the war. It’s just a bit more adult, to be honest.”

What are you hoping to see from Daniel Gillies’ Elijah in The Originals this fall?

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