‘The Originals’ Spoilers: Joseph Morgan Talks Klaus Wanting to Be King, the Baby, and Rivalry With Marcel

The Originals will be premiering this fall on the CW, after airing as a backdoor pilot during The Vampire Diaries season 4, and when Gather.com caught up with Joseph Morgan in the press room at Comic-Con, he addressed Klaus’ desire to be king, the hybrid baby, and his rivalry with Marcel. Check out the video interview below.

On Klaus choosing between being King and his child: “At the moment, currently, if we take him at the point where we left off, where he was at the end of the backdoor pilot, I think he’s absolutely more concerned with becoming king. He’s for whatever will make him the most powerful, so he really is 100% behind that, but I don’t know what’s going to happen with the child. I’ve only read the first two episodes of the season so far. I think, I would hope he gets behind the idea a little more because I think there’s something so appealing to me about playing this monster that has this tiny little baby that he cares more about than anything in the world. I think that’s a really exciting idea for me. But right now, he’s all about the throne.”

On remorse for plotting against Marcel: “We absolutely will yeah. Even in what I’ve read so far, my sort of suspicions about the relationship, he’s a little torn because Marcel meant a lot to Klaus back in the day and much in fact you could draw a parallel with the relationship he had with Stefan in Chicago. They were really—well, Stefan was more of a brother and Marcel, I think in a way, started out as more of a son to Klaus, so yeah, he’s absolutely torn but he’s also, I think, insulted by the way Marcel thinks he can run things now and he is very needy, Klaus, and he needs to be paid the right respect, the respect he feels he is due.”

What are you hoping to see from Klaus in The Originals? Will you be watching the Vampire Diaries spinoff this fall?

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