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Twisted Greek Mythology

© 2014 by David Wainland

Icarus assisted his father, Daedalus, in layering the last of the wax upon the feathered wings.

“Tomorrow father, I will leave Crete to see the rest of the Greek world.”

“I caution you my son, do not fly to close to the sun for fear the heat will melt the wax.”

“Yes father, I will be my usual cautious self.”

Soon, on an early morning at the peak of dawn, Icarus dragged the eight foot span of feathers and wax to the top of Mt. Olympus. He knew he should not have made the trip up the holy mountain, but his pride would not let him set sail from any other. On route he was challenged by Erroneous, the first born son of the Gods, Pompous and Supercilious.

“Where are you heading and for what reason?” Inquired Erroneous.

“I escape from Greece by wing.”

“Why do you hesitate to take flight?”

“Father has warned me of the sun.”

“A meaningless warning, Icarus, the winds of Olympus will carry you free of the land and the dangers of the sun. “

“Are you sure of that, Erroneous?”

“As sure as I am of being a God, now, fly.”

He did, and now you know the rest of the story and the root of the word Erroneous.





Wrong; incorrect.


wrong – mistaken – incorrect – false – faulty – improper




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